Catholic Health Services’ 5th Annual Suffolk County Marathon
October 27, 2019 - 8:00am


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Faces Of The Race

To date, more than 3,200 residents, visitors and runners from across the country have signed up to participate in the Inaugural Suffolk County Marathon & Half Marathon in Support of Our Veterans.

From our military heroes returning from duty to a mother with 12 children striving to reach new health goals, read the many inspiring stories from our participants as to why they are looking forward to participate in the Suffolk County Marathon & Half Marathon on September 13.

"Faces of the Race" will be updated regularly to feature our runners, so be sure to check back often!

To share your marathon story with us, email Pam Robinson at Pam.Robinson@SuffolkCountyNY.Gov.

2016 Faces Of The Race

  • Sondra Lee Ramos

    Sondra Lee Ramos
    East Amherst, NY

    I am running to support and help raise awareness for our Veterans and Military still serving throughout Suffolk County. The programs are priceless. I grew up in Patchogue and I am still serving! God Bless to you all! My Virtual 5K was competed today! Team RWB.

  • Kathleen Pugal

    Kathleen Pugal
    Patchogue, NY

    I'm running in memory of my dad, Rudolph Valentine Pugal, a WWII veteran, US Navy. My hero and a true patriot of this great country.

  • Peter Hoey

    Peter Hoey
    Floral Park, NY

    I am running to support of our all of our veterans. My Dad served in WWII and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He turned 90 this year and has always been an inspiration to me. God Bless all of our vets. I am also running for my grandnephew. This ones for you Logan!!! #LOGANSTRONG.

  • Allan Fajardo

    Allan Fajardo
    St. James, NY

    I am running for all my fallen comrades that I lost in Afghanistan.

  • Ann Marie Pastore

    Ann Marie Pastore
    Patchogue, NY

    I'm very proud to be participating in this year's race. It's a great cause, raising awareness and much needed donations for our veterans who sacrifice every day for our freedom.

  • Deena Menendez

    Deena Menendez
    Hauppauge , NY

    I'm am running with my down syndrome daughter who will be there with Rolling Thunder & also running the 1/2 marathon. Not only do I support all special needs children/adults my 2 sons are currently active military & my 3rd son & husband are military veterans.

  • Emily Marino

    Emily Marino
    Hauppauge, NY

    We are participating in the 5k to support veterans services in Suffolk County and to honor the advocacy of Scott Martella. This is a needed cause that we are proud to support.

  • Leslie Smith

    Leslie Smith
    Manlius, NY

    I'm running to honor my Dad, Maj. John W. Booth III, USAF (ret.), a patriot who loved his country and inspired his children to serve as well. He died this year from Alzheimer's. We are a veteran family. My husband, sister, brother-in-law, and I all served. I'm so proud to say that our son is also following the tradition of serving. This race is for all of you!

  • Billy Gonyou, Erin Tauby, and Kristina Jubinville

    Billy Gonyou, Erin Tauby, and Kristina Jubinville
    Hauppauge, NY

    We can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning than running to support Long Island’s veterans.

  • Michael Haynes

    Michael Haynes
    Hauppauge, NY

    It’s a privilege to run to support Suffolk County’s veterans and in memory of Scott Martella.

  • Laura Ryan

    Laura Ryan
    Melville, NY

    I am running the Suffolk Marathon 5k with my kids to encourage an active lifestyle for my kids and to support our veterans.

  • Lukas Ryan

    Lukas Ryan
    Melville, NY

    I am running the Suffolk Marathon 5k so I can compete with my big brother Daniel! I have run in all of the Kids Races of the Suffolk Veterans Run Series so far, plus I ran the entire 4 miles of the I Did the Grid race. I am a new Cub Scout and support our veterans!

  • Daniel Ryan

    Daniel Ryan
    Melville, NY

    I am running the Suffolk Marathon 5K because I want to show my support for our veterans and want to complete the Suffolk Run Series. I have completed all but one of the races so far! I am currently a Webelo Scout and plan on becoming an Eagle Scout.

  • Matthew Harbin

    Matthew Harbin
    Kings Park, NY

    I'm running the Suffolk County Marathon to honor my family members who have served and that have always inspired me to go beyond what you think you are capable of. Also to raise money to Heal EB which is a debilitating skin disease that 1/20000 children are born with no known cure.

  • Michelle and Regina Yuen

    Michelle and Regina Yuen
    Bayside, NY

    My sister Regina and I are excited to be participating in this year's Suffolk County Marathon/Half Marathon. Our running journey/adventures this year has been fill with many great memories and what better way to top it off then by running a marathon myself while my sister will be running a half marathon. While I love the sport of running, the miles really starts to count and become even more meaningful when running for a great cause such as our veterans!

  • Sean Lyons

    Sean Lyons
    Huntington, NY

    I am rucking the Suffolk County marathon 22 miles plus one to raise awareness for veterans suicide and plus one to honor Airborne Tri Teams Honoree, Steve Tarpinian.

  • Steve Webb

    Steve Webb
    Greenport, NY

    I’m running because this is my first marathon, and to support the troops, and, to recognize the POW's and MIA's, I will be carrying the POW flag.

  • Pam and Anna Robinson

    Pam and Anna Robinson
    Huntington, NY and Washington, DC

    We’re proud to run for a great cause, helping Suffolk County veterans, and look forward to enjoying the day in Patchogue.

  • Ron Hurtado

    Ron Hurtado
    Farmingville, NY

    I am running the Suffolk half marathon with the airborne Tri-Team to promote physical/health an wellness for our veterans that are struggling with transition.We support each other on and off the battlefield.

  • Kristina DeMarco

    Kristina DeMarco
    Manorville, NY

    I’m running to support my best friend.

  • Nirupa Ramjisingh

    Nirupa Ramjisingh
    Miller Place, NY

    I’m running to set an example of strength and dedication to my 3 beautiful children. If you told me 2 years ago I would be doing this, I would have called you crazy. You never know what you are capable of until you try and work hard for it.

  • Anthony Merola

    Anthony Merola
    Merrick, NY

    Ran Suffolk 1/2 last year as a training run for the NYC Marathon and loved it! Looking forward to #2.

  • Jahira Sepulveda

    Jahira Sepulveda
    Brooklyn, NY

    This is my first marathon i want to prove to myself that I can finish it and it give motivation to train harder. This has been something that I always wanted to accomplish.

  • Erick Bautista

    Erick Bautista
    Mineola, NY

    As the newest member of the Airborne Tri-Team, I am running the Suffolk half marathon to reach new fitness goals with my brothers and sisters.

  • Michael Meinardus

    Michael Meinardus
    Shirley, NY

    To help raise money for local veterans in need, to raise awareness of veterans related issues amongst our community, and to challenge myself physically and mentally.

  • Eva Ulloa

    Eva Ulloa
    Medford, NY

    I am running the Suffolk half marathon to support the great work that Airborne Tri-Team is doing for the kids and their veterans.

  • Melissa Pandolf

    Melissa Pandolf
    Patchogue, NY

    I run to show my support for all my fellow veterans, including my dad, a USMC veteran.

  • Doug Pandolf

    Doug Pandolf
    Patchogue, NY

    I run in memory of my Uncles Jimmy and Robert McClaren, who lost their lives in service to our country, and in honor of all my family members who served, especially my wife, Melissa.

  • Joe Harbin

    Joe Harbin
    Huntington Station, NY

    I run with my family for our veterans, and all those that need support through charitable fundraising.

  • Christine Harbin-Selvy

    Christine Harbin-Selvy
    Patchogue NY

    I run to support all the Veterans, especially my Dad, a U.S. Marine veteran, and my sister, who retired from the Air Force.

  • Paul Milazzo

    Paul Milazzo
    Ronkonkoma NY

    I run because it brings me to life. It provided me strength and self-reliance. Running is my true getaway from an imperfect world. Running allows me to reset my mind and get lost only to find myself.

  • Tom Quigley

    Tom Quigley
    Holbrook, NY

    I am running to support Airborne Tri-Team and our U.S. veterans.

  • Shannon O’Neill

    Shannon O’Neill
    East Patchogue, NY

    I am running my first half marathon in honor of Sgt. Bobby Hommel, who lost his life on 10/10/15. In an effort to assure his legacy lives on I am raising money for I am not a runner so this is a huge challenge to me but it is for a very important cause!

  • Gina Pierce

    Gina Pierce
    Massapequa Park, NY

    This is my first half marathon and I am dedicating each mile to someone special in my life to help me get to the finish line. Completing the half will be one of the most memorable moments of my life. This is a bucket list item. I have lot 50 lbs over the last year and a half and just started running for the first time in my life. Since June, I’ve been running 5k and 10k runs almost every weekend and completing a half marathon is a personal goal I set for myself. I need to prove that I can do anything I put my mind to and its never too late to start! I met my husband at fleet week 21 years ago and I love that this run supports and honors our veterans.

  • Aimee Fucci

    Aimee Fucci
    South Glastonbury, CT

    In May, I ran my 2nd marathon - Vermont City. Due to extreme heat the officials were forced to stop the race - I was at mile 24. I crossed the finish but got no official time. This is my redemption race. Goals have been set!!

  • Loraine Richardson McCray

    Loraine Richardson McCray
    East Patchogue, NY

    I do one half marathon a year to prove that I'm Titanium - Shoot Me Down But I Won't Fall, I am TITANIUM. It's a stamina thing.

  • Thomas Tortora

    Thomas Tortora
    Bay Shore, NY

    I have been running for many years and I love to meet the different people. I'm also a vet so when we have the veteran runs I enjoy them a lot.

  • Maureen Boyle

    Maureen Boyle
    East Islip, NY

    I am a Blue Star Mom (Mom of a son on active duty in the NY National Guard). I have also promised to dedicate this race and my training for this race to the memory of one of my co-workers sons who was an Iraqi War Vet recently died from issues related to his service (James Michael Mayday). I am planning on running the whole of the Veterans series and have completed all up to the 1/2 Marathon. I missed only a few last year and had so wanted to get the challenge coin since I know how much they mean to those in the military. (It is a BIG deal.) I am really, really hoping to be able to finish all this year!

  • Martha Delgado

    Martha Delgado
    Central Islip, NY

    I am run the half marathon to help all veterans especially Pop who was wounded at the Battle of the Bulge in World War II...

  • JoJo Cacace

    JoJo Cacace
    Coopersburg, PA

    We ran our first mother-daughter half marathon earlier this year. I am excited to run this hometown race with my daughter! We proudly support our veterans and are happy to show our support doing something we enjoy.

  • Tyler Wigington

    Tyler Wigington
    Middleton, WI

    From his father, Don: Tyler is always looking to compete at the highest level possible. With a year of Paralympic competition in middle distance under his belt, he was ready for a break. But when he heard about the INAS USA 1/2 marathon championships he instantly knew he wanted to ramp up his distance training and race in this event. Tyler has previously run in 5 half marathons with his best time of 1:39:34 in 2014. In 2015 he ran his first full marathon in 3:37:23.

  • Kristine Gozaloff

    Kristine Gozaloff
    West Sayville, NY

    My life changed on March 16, 2016 as I was training for the NYC half Marathon that weekend. I had a heart attack while running down that very route I run each day. I actually wasn't sure what happened so I called my doctor, then turned around, ran home and went to my doctor who is actually on my corner. I was sent by ambulance to the hospital and within a short time found out I was born with a myocardial bridge. This is when the artery is imbedded inside the heart. Running actually saved my life. I had a 6.5 hour surgery which the doctor performed a bypass on my 50-year young heart to the SHOCK OF ALL MY RUNNING COMMUNITY! Why am I running again? Because I can!

  • Peter Guaraldi

    Peter Guaraldi
    Babylon, NY

    I’m running the Suffolk County Half Marathon for the second year in a row as a way to remain physically active and to live a healthier lifestyle. Last year, I changed my life for the better by training for my first half-marathon. This year, I decided to take it a step further by running in the Suffolk County Veterans Run Series as well. These experiences have made me a better person as I’ve been able to meet many veterans throughout the region and learn about their inspiring stories. I’m looking forward to meeting many runners on race day and can’t wait to hear the thousands of Patchogue residents and visitors cheer me on as I run the course on October 30.

  • Kimberly Jerideau

    Kimberly Jerideau
    Huntington, NY

    I am so excited to participate in the Catholic Health Services 2nd Annual Marathon on October 30, 2016. Supporting our veterans here in Suffolk County as well as around the world is so important. I can’t wait.

  • Noah Lam

    Noah Lam
    Stony Brook, NY

    I am running the Suffolk County Half Marathon to see how fast I can really go. Last year I was disappointed with my performance at the Suffolk County Half Marathon, so I signed up for fewer races and focused on my training to run faster. So far so good! I am looking forward to the new route and ready to lay down the hammer on October 30th! I’m using this race as a building block to qualify for the Boston Marathon and my next Ironman Race with my wife who just became an Ironman!

  • Jennifer and Jack McNamara

    Jennifer and Jack McNamara
    Blue Point, NY

    There are few things as important as taking care of our own. The Suffolk County Marathon does exactly that by donating proceeds to veterans groups around Suffolk County. It makes me proud as an American to live in a County who cares about its Veterans and actually does something to ensure they are not left behind.

  • Brendan Barrett

    Brendan Barrett
    Sayville, NY

    I can't wait to run this year's Suffolk County Half Marathon, after trying the marathon at last year's race. It's such a luxury for us local runners to have something like this go right through our own neighborhoods, on the streets we run every day. I'm particularly excited to run past my shop, Sayville Running Company, and the cheering section that's sure to be out front.

  • Justin Nakrin

    Justin Nakrin
    Oyster Bay, NY

    This will be my first ever Full Marathon! I ran the Suffolk Half Marathon last year and had such a positive experience that I wanted to return for the Full. Running has always been a passion in my life, and running a marathon is a lifelong dream of mine. The race is a great way to honor and support our veterans. I’m looking forward to it!

  • Catherine Keane

    Catherine Keane
    Farmingdale, NY

    I am running the 5k race to raise funds that support a college scholarship in my sister-in-law's name at Adelphi University's College of Nursing and Public Health.

  • Amy Keyes

    Amy Keyes
    Patchogue, NY

    I'm running the Suffolk Marathon -- my first full marathon -- because I really believe I owe to myself to always push myself. I never want to stop trying to expand my abilities and experiences. I've only been running for 3 years, and I've learned more about myself, gained more mental and physical endurance in those 3 years than in the 29 years before I became a runner. It's a thankless, painful, frustrating, sometimes mind-numbing sport, but I love it and am beyond excited to complete my first marathon.

  • Robert Jackson III

    Robert Jackson III
    Moriches, NY

    I’m a Marine Corps veteran who runs to clear his mind and gain a better view of the environment around me. I have run in breast cancer awareness runs, Michael P. Murphy Run Around the Lake, and the Nassau County Marathon.

  • Beth Murray

    Beth Murray
    Holtsville, NY

    This will be my first Full Marathon! Last year I ran the Suffolk Half Marathon, loved running the route and knew that I wanted to return in 2016 for my first Full Marathon. I am excited to be so close to home and having family, friends and teammates be there along the course to cheer and support me and enjoy the after party. I have had so much fun these past months embracing this entire First Marathon training journey, exploring new routes and bonding with friends while experiencing long runs on beautiful Long Island. And it all started with a Couch to 5K phone app 2 years ago, when I decided as a 5-year breast cancer survivor, I was ready to thrive not just survive.

  • Jon Silkowitz

    Jon Silkowitz
    Merrick, NY

    After three half marathons, I am as ready as I'm going to be for 26.2! Running in support of our veterans is a great cause & I also want to show my girls that they can accomplish anything with hard work and dedication.

  • S Sgt. Joshua Gravett

    S/Sgt. Joshua Gravett
    Atlanta, GA

    I'm running this race to stay active and achieve a personal goal of completing a full marathon this year. Running will allow me to represent myself, my family, my state, and the Army as a positive role model in the community by staying active and showing that you can complete your goals no matter how big or small. I usually sign up for any obstacle run or small run in the community, you can't get that sense of accomplishment from sitting on the couch.

  • Robert Keane

    Robert Keane
    Farmingdale, NY

    I am running the 5k race to raise funds that support a college scholarship in my sister's name at Adelphi University's College of Nursing and Public Health.

  • Cinnamon Aston

    Cinnamon Aston
    Islip, NY

    This will be my first half-marathon and it's something of a victory lap for me after 5 years of fighting against Fibromyalgia. Also as a Military Spouse of over 10 years, I've always been more than happy to support our Veterans

  • Andrei Trepetsov

    Andrei Trepetsov
    Moscow, Russia

    I really believe that running connects people all over the world. I like to combine running with travel, so, next October, I will be flying from Moscow to New York to participate in the Suffolk County Marathon. This marathon will be special for me as it will be my first trip to the United States. I'm looking forward to see the landscapes of Long Island and meet highly motivated runners and interesting people.

  • Adam Clements

    Adam Clements
    Patchogue, NY

    I run to stay in shape and to support my son's running club...Rolling Thunder Special Needs.

  • Marek Piecka

    Marek Piecka
    Copiague, NY

    I love running. My dream is beat my last times.

  • Jolene McCarthy

    Jolene McCarthy
    Patchogue, NY

    The 2013 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. was my very first marathon, and I will never forget the feeling of exhilaration, pride, and sense of accomplishment that I felt. I will be running the 2016 Suffolk Marathon to raise money for Homes For Our Troops, an organization that builds specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans. Giving back to those who fight for our freedom is important to me, and since their permanent injuries prevent them from running, I will run for them!

  • Joe Huber

    Joe Huber
    Pine Brook, NJ

    The Suffolk County Marathon will be my 118th marathon. I ran my first marathon when I was 39 and now at 66 I know there is no better way to feel young and fit than conquering the challenge of 26.2 miles.

  • Melanie Sweeney

    Melanie Sweeney
    Patchogue, NY

    This will be my sixth half marathon & 1st Suffolk county half. At every life stage, & every fitness level running has been a constant in my life. This year, I am chasing a P.R. & I feel like I can make it happen on my home turf.

  • Melissa Serbonich

    Melissa Serbonich
    East Meadow, NY

    This will be my first half marathon since my back surgery 2 years ago. It has been a long, frustrating, rewarding, humbling and rewarding recovery. I am looking forward to completing the Suffolk Half and then work my way back to competing in Full Marathons and triathlons again.

  • Heather Locanthi

    Heather Locanthi
    Smithtown, NY

    Ran the Inaugural Suffolk Marathon last year and it was the absolute most positive experience. Dedicating this race to my grandfather Arthur, who is a Korean War Veteran.

  • Brittany Lienau

    Brittany Lienau
    Holbrook, NY

    I have wanted to check "half marathon" off my bucketlist for a while now. I couldn't think of a better way to do that then by honoring our Veterans.

  • Clarke V. Carroll

    Clarke V. Carroll
    Bayport, NY

    I run to stay in shape. I sign up for races to keep me motivated. I'm running this race because it benefits veterans.

  • Laurie Sarquis

    Laurie Sarquis
    Patchogue, NY

    I'm running the Suffolk County Half Marathon to support our veterans. My dad was a Korean War vet and I know he was always proud of my running accomplishments. And what better place to run than in my own community.

  • Deb and Joe Lena

    Deb and Joe Lena
    East Patchogue, NY

    We ran in this race last year as half marathon newbies. Now, we want to experience the great scenery again and also support our veterans, while inspiring our children to be fit and maybe a few friends as well.

  • Thomas Hicks

    Thomas Hicks
    Norfolk, VA

    I’m running In support of my fellow veterans. I am retired from the US Navy after 24 years of service. I am a disabled veteran, I have run the Boston Marathon 3 times and would like to qualify one more time and it will be special to do in this race because I grew up on Long Island.

  • Alexandra Polla

    Alexandra Polla
    The Bronx, NY

    Pushing myself to do my first marathon in my home of Long Island for a great cause!

  • Salo Henselijn

    Salo Henselijn
    Amstelvee, the Netherlands

    I am trying to qualify for the Boston marathon. I started running 10 years ago, when my father passed away. I said I will run only one marathon. Meanwhile, Suffolk will be my 10th marathon. I only run US marathons where the crowds are so enthusiastic and cheerful.

  • Amanda Scanlan

    Amanda Scanlan
    Northport, NY

    I'm excited to be running in the Suffolk County half again this year. It will be my last long run before I run in my very first full marathon, the TCS NYC Marathon! I love chasing miles and reporting back to my husband, and kiddos (Benjamin, 4yrs and Lincoln, 1.5 yes) how far I ran on any given day. Exercising and being healthy are important, quality keys to my happiness and well-being.

  • Emily Dinger

    Emily Dinger
    Ronkonkoma, NY

    Since I was very young I wanted to run a marathon. I've been through the hardship of needing to lose a lot of weight in order to even be able to run! But now, with two half marathons behind me, I'm ready! 26.2, here I come! This is going to be my first full marathon. The love of my life, Tim, and I will be running it together. For a long time in both of our pasts, overcoming an obstacle like a marathon would have been utterly impossible! We are thrilled to finally be able to complete this distance.

  • Franklin Puello

    Franklin Puello
    Shirley, NY

    I am running as a retired NYPD detective for awareness and support, specifically those in financial need and treatment for those ailing with PTSD and the Threat of suicide, for all veterans and law enforcement officers who served, are serving and even those who will serve.

  • Col. Kevin Hicks

    Col. Kevin Hicks
    Coram and Freehold, NY

    By registering for races, I'm motivated to train. If I continue to train, I can enjoy a frosty beverage after each run. Otherwise my pants won't fasten anymore cuz my gut grows. I served 29 years in the Army and ran all over the world. I've run races in Germany, Australia, Korea and Afghanistan as well as in 7 states. I ran nine Army Ten Milers, including two while in Afghanistan. I was shot five times in 2012, recovered, and immediately began running again as soon as my surgeon cleared me to do so.

  • Kerri Kaley

    Kerri Kaley
    Cold Spring Harbor, NY

    For my son Alex who had a football injury

  • Annmarie Vollaro

    Annmarie Vollaro
    Bay Shore, NY

    This is my second Suffolk County half marathon in support of our veterans.

  • Shaina Penso

    Shaina Penso
    West Islip, NY

    Last year I ran this race as my first half. It was such an awesome experience that this year I have decided to make it my first full marathon! I am looking forward to the race!

  • Scott Benenati

    Scott Benenati
    Islip Terrace, NY

    I’m looking forward to running the roads and through the towns I grew up in and around all for a great cause, supporting and honoring our local veterans.

  • Randy Paray

    Randy Paray
    Mount Sinai, NY

    Running for our veterans, my health and my first race in Suffolk County.

  • Aldred Munyeneh

    Aldred Munyeneh
    Islip, NY

    Running the second annual Suffolk Marathon is a great way to honor our veterans who have served our country. I ran the half last year and finished. It will was fun and challenging and im coming back to complete the full 26.2.

  • Tim McDonnell

    Tim McDonnell
    Largo, FL

    I’m going back home. I'm originally from Sayville/Patchogue. Moved to Florida in 2005, but that area will always truly be home. Would have run last year, but it fell on my only granddaughter’s 1st birthday. Guess who won? LOL This will be (God willing) my 57th marathon (all but one since the age of 40). As my marathon career winds down, I'm thrilled to be able to go back home and run on the streets that previously trained me for other events. Going home. Can't wait for October! See you then.

  • Janet Longo

    Janet Longo
    Coram, NY

    I’m happy to be running for the second time the Suffolk half marathon! The first was a tremendous success and I’m anticipating the second to be even better! Good job. Suffolk County!!

  • Jeremy and Natalie Radino

    Jeremy and Natalie Radino
    Blue Point, NY

    We are so proud of the community to come together in our hometown to support the veterans living in Suffolk County! The new 5K will give us the opportunity to run a short distance then cheer for our friends running long!

  • Sheila McCabe

    Sheila McCabe
    Rocky Point, NY

    I’m running my second marathon.

  • Janet Rock

    Janet Rock
    West Sayville, NY

    I biked the Marathon last year, supporting two of my friends that were running it. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to be an official part of it this year.

  • Steve Bellone

    Steve Bellone
    Babylon, NY

    Running the second annual Suffolk marathon is a great way to honor our veterans who have served our country. It’s also a challenging but fun way of meeting personal health goals. I look forward to completing another race in the Suffolk County Veterans Running Series, my third marathon, and enjoying the day with residents of Suffolk County.

  • Harold Daus

    Harold Daus
    Terryville, NY

    Challenging myself at my age (83) and accomplishing the challenge has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. So, it's worth another try to do it again.

  • Carly Beyar

    Carly Beyar
    South Hempstead, NY

    I have fallen in love with running ever since I graduated from Fairfield University, where I played D1 soccer. I miss soccer so much but running has become a new passion of mine!

  • Kim Polito

    Kim Polito
    Sayville, NY

    I ran the Suffolk half-marathon last year and felt great after running it. It was such a thrill running through the very community in which I live. I have ramped up my training since then and will be running the full in 2016!

  • Richard Sartori

    Richard Sartori
    Glen Cove, NY

    It's a God-given gift to be able to wake up every morning and put one foot in front of the other. I am not in the best shape of my life but I will train as much as I can then run my race.

  • Marcelle Leis

    Marcelle Leis
    Patchogue, NY

    Last year was my first 1/2 marathon and it was an incredible experience! I was inspired by so many resilient warriors. This year challenge myself again and will run on behalf of the Joseph Dwyer Veterans Peer Support Project.

  • Andrew Napoleon

    Andrew Napoleon
    Amityville, NY

    I run races because running is something I greatly love, but not as great as my love for Christ. I enjoy racing I feel it's relatable to everyday life and walking in faith with Jesus. Aid stations are our provisions and the race course is our path set out before us as we follow his way for us. When we make it to the finish line, what a great feeling it is receiving our medal the crown. That's why I run I can experience the reward at every race, only imagining the true prize.

  • Nicholas Mitchell

    Nicholas Mitchell
    Wantagh, NY

    As a Long Islander this race is right in my own backyard, so it was a natural choice to set it as a goal race this year. It is for a great cause and the course sounds like it will be fun and interesting.