Catholic Health Services’ 5th Annual Suffolk County Marathon
October 27, 2019 - 8:00am


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Faces Of The Race

To date, more than 3,200 residents, visitors and runners from across the country have signed up to participate in the Inaugural Suffolk County Marathon & Half Marathon in Support of Our Veterans.

From our military heroes returning from duty to a mother with 12 children striving to reach new health goals, read the many inspiring stories from our participants as to why they are looking forward to participate in the Suffolk County Marathon & Half Marathon on September 13.

"Faces of the Race" will be updated regularly to feature our runners, so be sure to check back often!

To share your marathon story with us, email Pam Robinson at Pam.Robinson@SuffolkCountyNY.Gov.

2015 Faces Of The Race

  • Sean Clark

    Sean Clark
    Manorville, NY

    “I am running to support all the veterans who have served to give all of us our freedom. This race will be a great annual tradition that will continue to get more popular with passing years.”

  • Evonne Converso

    Evonne Converso
    Great River, NY

    "I am running with my son Nicholas Converso. It started as a challenge. My son swam the cross bay swim last year and I ran the Long Island marathon in 2010. He said after swimming across the bay running a marathon would be a piece of cake. Hence, I challenged him to run the marathon. He has not trained for it but is sure he will come in before I will."

  • Tara Daub

    Tara Daub
    Sea Cliff, NY

    “I'm running to support our troops and veterans. I ran my first marathon in 2014 and am running the SC Half to train for the NYC Marathon on November 1. I'm looking forward to a great race here on Long Island.”

  • Joseph Reinhart

    Joseph Reinhart
    Hicksville, NY

    “I started running about two years ago. I started off slow any after a while I began to enjoy it more. I find it relaxing to just put on my headphones and blast some heavy metal while I push myself to run further and faster. I have never run in a race before but I didn't feel that a shorter race would be enough of a challenge.”

  • Krystyna Baumgartner

    Krystyna Baumgartner
    Holbrook, NY

    "I am running the Suffolk County Half Marathon (and the entire Veterans Run Series) because I come from an Army family and I believe it is crucial to support our veterans and their families."

  • Marcelle Leis

    Marcelle Leis
    Patchogue, NY

    "As a Veteran and a member of the Dwyer Project I am compelled to meet the challenge and run for my fellow service members and all those who've served this great nation!"

  • Donald Sievers

    Donald Sievers
    West Islip, NY

    “To provide a personal fitness goal to measure level against my peers.”

  • Dina and David Underwood

    Dina and David Underwood
    Patchogue, NY

    “My husband I are running together for my husband’s heart health. We love that our first 1/2 marathon is right here in Suffolk County and that it is supporting our veterans!"

  • Chris Gaudreau and Nicole Stadnicky

    Chris Gaudreau and Nicole Stadnicky

    “I'm running the Suffolk County half marathon because my girlfriend is originally from Bethpage and we wanted to run a race while visiting. The timing was perfect and we can't wait!”

  • Bob Genovese

    Bob Genovese
    Baldwin, NY

    “I'm running the Half for the overall experience, and in honor of my father - a WWII vet.”

  • Linda and Charles Kuil

    Linda and Charles Kuil
    Shirley, NY

    “Since losing weight and beginning running in 2010, we have run many events together and because the Inaugural Suffolk County Half Marathon falls on my 44th birthday, it just seemed like the PERFECT way to celebrate!! It helps that we have many friends running in both events to join in the celebration.”

  • Frank Martorana

    Frank Martorana
    Bellmore, NY

    “I love supporting Long Island races, especially a new half marathon.”

  • Wesley Marsh

    Wesley Marsh
    Stamford, Ct.

    “I am so excited to be part of a fantastic inaugural race located so close to where I grew up.”

  • Jose Paul

    Jose Paul
    Searingtown, NY

    “I love running. This is very special because it is for the veterans. Bring it on,the last 6 miles of torture! I am also glad it is also sponsored by North Shore and I work at North Shore at Forest Hills.”

  • Jaime Pita

    Jaime Pita
    Smithtown, NY

    “This will be my first marathon. I will be running it to remind myself that through perserverence, dedication, hardwork and supportive people in your path ...possibilities are limitless.”

  • John Sorocco

    John Sorocco

    “I am from Brooklyn. I am coming to Suffolk to run the half marathon on the streets of Babylon in front of my relatives: Michael and Diana Fredericks and their children, Michael Sal and Olivia.”

  • Jen and Kate Abazis

    Jen and Kate Abazis
    Center Moriches, NY

    “If my health is ever such that I am unable to walk, I want to be able to say, ‘When I could walk, I ran’.”

  • Maria Bournias and Peter Gagliardo

    Maria Bournias and Peter Gagliardo
    Ft. Lee, NJ, Poughquag, NY

    “We especially love that the Suffolk Marathon is welcoming of athletes with disabilities to participate. My boyfriend and I met a year ago at a race and we have since signed up for 10 marathons for this year....3 down with 7 to go before November.”

  • Rovindra Budhu

    Rovindra Budhu
    Williston Park, NY

    “I am happy and scared at this same time. I am excited to participate in the first marathon for Suffolk County.”

  • Nikki Ferrara

    Nikki Ferrara
    Patchogue, NY

    “Running has been a big part of helping me discover the person that I am. Good luck to every runner on September 13th. I look forward to meeting some amazing people who I'm sure will help me in my journey in becoming a marathoner.”

  • Jen Roth

    Jen Roth
    Plainview, NY

    “This is my 9th marathon. I am running the Suffolk marathon to support the community, see the beautiful sights of eastern LI and be a part of an amazing inaugural experience.”

  • Philip Schoenfeld

    Philip Schoenfeld
    Stony Brook, NY

    “I’m running the Suffolk half as a tune up race for the Hudson Mohawk marathon in Albany in October.”

  • Edras Hildago

    Edras Hildago
    Brentwood, NY

    “I am running to help anybody who has any kind of mental health condition, including some of our veternas who suffer post-war stress problems.”

  • Mariela B. Camejo

    Mariela B. Camejo
    Rockaway Beach, NY

    “I'm a therapist and I work with children with severe neuro-motor disorders. Every day these children come to therapy the go through a marathon and they give their 100%. They are my motivation and my inspiration!”

  • Cliff Aronson

    Cliff Aronson
    Holbrook, NY

    “To experience the agony of ‘da-feet’ running in my first marathon!”

  • Jenn Coggin

    Jenn Coggin
    Lake Grove, NY

    “I'm running this race for the many Veterans in my life. They mean/meant the world to me, and I'm excited to give back. Oh, and my friend is making me do it ;)”

  • Laura Duffy

    Laura Duffy
    Colorado Springs, CO

    “My 5 year old niece is currently undergoing treatment at Sloan Kettering for neuroblastoma so I'm flying to N.Y on September 11th to visit her for a week and decided to run this half marathon while I'm there. (Emily will be attending to cheer me on.) So I'm running this to honor my sweet niece.”

  • John Buckley

    John Buckley
    Sound Beach, NY

    “I am happy this run is benefiting the veterans. I am going to use it as an example of service in my 7th grade American History class on 9-11, to demonstrate one way we can honor the people who keep us safe.”

  • Anjali Narayan

    Anjali Narayan
    Mineola, NY

    “This is my first 1/2 marathon! I’m running it with a few of other medical students from our running club at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine.”

  • Shelley Shereck

    Shelley Shereck
    North Woodmere, NY

    “I am excited to be running the Suffolk Half Marathon. I am running this race as part of my training program for my 3rd NYC marathon in November!”

  • Pilar Stevens

    Pilar Stevens
    Centereach, NY

    “I have only been running for 3 yrs. This will be my third half. I want the bragging right of participating in the first Suffolk Half.”

  • BethAnn Telford

    BethAnn Telford
    Washington, DC

    “I will be running in honor of Morgan Leary, a beautiful little girl who is six years old and battling brain cancer from Center MorichesI hope to use my abilities for those that are not able to walk or run, and to bring attention to the need for increased research funds to help cure brain cancer. To help raise awareness, Morgan has graciously and beautifully decorated my New Balance 880v4’s, which I will run the Suffolk Marathon in.”

  • Gigi Becker

    Gigi Becker
    Huntington, NY

    “I started running 4 years ago because I was overweight and getting older. I knew I needed to do something since I was no longer skating on a roller derby team and that was my only physical activity. So I started signing up for a 5k run/walk just about every weekend and that progressed to 10ks, then half marathons and this October with Team Chris I will be running my second marathon. Since I started running as part of Team Chris I feel like I am using my running not only to better myself but to help our troops and veterans with the efforts put forth by Team Chris.”

  • Melissa Fricke

    Melissa Fricke
    Patchogue, NY

    “I ran my first marathon in the Redwoods and I'm running my second through my hometown - I plan to stick with the theme of running where my heart is most happy.”

  • Bill Halagarda

    Bill Halagarda
    Baltimore, MD

    “Although I live in Baltimore now, I am from Holbrook, and spent much of my summers at the West Oak Recreation Club in Oakdale. This race is quite literally in my old stomping grounds!”

  • Randolph Howard

    Randolph Howard
    Centerport, NY

    “I am proud to participate in the inaugural marathon as this is a great way to recognize and support Suffolk County’s Veterans!”

  • Amanda Lynch

    Amanda Lynch
    East Northport, NY

    “To trust that my body will rise to occasion, to achieve a goal I've had my entire life that's now coming true.”

  • Jennifer McCourt

    Jennifer McCourt
    Babylon, NY

    “I signed up for this marathon solely due to peer pressure! I have run 3 previous to this one (Long Island, NYC and Paris) so this will be my fourth. Looking forward to running with friends and have my family cheer me on!”

  • Stephen Ruddy

    Stephen Ruddy
    Port Jefferson Station, NY

    “Always wanted to see if I could complete a half marathon.”

  • Andrew Stone

    Andrew Stone
    Mt. Sinai, NY

    “I am thrilled to be running the first Suffolk Marathon. It will bring positive exposure to running in Suffolk County and allow me to run a marathon close to home.”

  • Langdon Chapman

    Langdon Chapman
    Orange County, NY

    “As County Attorney for Orange County, NY, I can appreciate the stress of the job that caused County Executive Bellone to have gained weight. I applaud his losing weight through exercise. Having dropped 135 lbs myself, from the summer of 2013 to the summer of 2015, all through diet and exercise, I know how running can help your health. I’m trying to run 12 marathons in 12 months by October 19, 2015. Suffolk will be # 10. Glad your County is putting this on.”

  • Erin Martone

    Erin Martone
    Medford, NY

    “Running is my stress relief and I'm excited to run my fourth half marathon in my hometown of Suffolk!”

  • Claudine Mondesir

    Claudine Mondesir
    Elmont, NY

    “I am really looking forward to running the Suffolk County Half Marathon! Running is one of the things that I find great pleasure in. Running has been a part of my daily morning routine for the past five years. It's my me-time to relax, think and get energized.”

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Jeremy Roberts

  • Bernadette Mescall Rodriguez

    Bernadette Mescall Rodriguez
    Bohemia, NY

    “I'm super excited, to be running with my daughter, in the Suffolk County Half Marathon. Turning 50 this coming November has made me determined to always have a challenge in my life to strive for, and to NEVER say NEVER! Although the only race I've ever run was a 5k (and that was mostly walked), I truly believe anything is possible if approached with a "baby steps" mentality. Knowing the run is for the veterans has been an incredible source of motivation, especially during those long runs, or lapses in motivation. Cheers to all the runners!”

  • Filomena Scholl

    Filomena Scholl
    Massapequa, NY

    “I have been running on and off for years. I started running everyday back in June.This is my first half marathon. I'm very excited."

  • Howard Zwang

    Howard Zwang
    Great Neck, NY

    “I am born and raised on Long Island. I wouldn’t miss this race for anything!!!”

  • Francine and James Ahearn

    Francine and James Ahearn
    Huntington, NY

    “There are 10 of us that will be running "Team Ahearn" in honor of my sister in-law Judy Ahearn-Juliano who died in February of 2013 from cancer. Myself, her children, brothers, niece and friends will be running the half marathon in her name.”

  • Jennifer Coyne

    Jennifer Coyne
    Ronkonkoma, NY

    “I am very excited to be part of the Suffolk Half Marathon on September 13th. Running is such a passion of mine. This will be my second half marathon this year. I love to challenge myself & I'm looking forward to running it! Being part of a military family, this race is very meaningful to me.”

  • Chris Delaney

    Chris Delaney
    Lindenhurst, NY

    “I signed up under the name Stephen Clark, who was a command master chief in the US Navy and a Suffolk County police officer. He saw the need to help our returning service members re-integrate back to civilian life so he created 9-1-1 Veterans, a local not for profit assisting only veterans here on Long Island. Steve was an avid runner and participated in many marathons. His last marathon was 6 months before his passing from cancer. The strength and courage he displayed in every aspect of his life showed all of us what a true hero is and how a true hero acts. So on 13 September I will run the 26.2 miles in his memory because I know if Steve were still with us, he would have run this Marathon for our veterans.”

  • Jeff Klein

    Jeff Klein
    New York City

    “I need to run the Suffolk Marathon because I have forgotten the pain and suffering of the IRONMAN I did a month ago. My mind doesn't know what is coming so I thought it would be a good idea. Additionally, Heckscher State Park is a great place to run and I am looking forward to the inaugural marathon.”

  • Amanda Lindner

    Amanda Lindner
    Huntington, NY

    “My inspiration to run the Suffolk County Half Marathon comes from having watched my 7-year-old nephew fight brain cancer. I've never run more than a 5K race race before, but I thought to myself, 'If my little Aaron can beat cancer, then I can beat 13.1 miles." September happens to be Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, so it is perfect timing. The fact that we'll be helping veterans too makes it extra special."

  • Dawn Roehag-Martinez

    Dawn Roehag-Martinez
    East Patchogue, NY

    “I started running 10 years ago at which time I could not even make a mile without having to stop and walk. I've finished 5 full and over 20 half marathons and running has become an enjoyable part of my life. I like to raise money for my favorite cause, animal rescue, as a motivation for my big races.”

  • Danny Dexter Beltran

    Danny Dexter Beltran
    Toms River, NJ

    “This will be my first marathon in the US.”

  • Andrew Ryan

    Andrew Ryan
    East Islip, NY

    “I'm running the Suffolk Marathon to challenge myself one more time before my baby boy is born!”

  • Shepherd Family

    Shepherd Family
    Patchogue, NY

    “We—Lee, Anita, Megan and Elee Shepherd -- are a veteran family. Lee served 24 years in the US Army, so we love that Suffolk is doing this for its veterans. We enjoy running and feel blessed to be doing this as a family and as residents of Patchogue we are excited to be running through the great south shore communities.”

  • Sue and Erin Burdick

    Sue and Erin Burdick
    Seaford, NY

    “We started running in April because we wanted to do a mother & daughter run together (along with my sister and her daughter!) Looking forward to completing our first half marathon.”

  • Matthew Qiao

    Matthew Qiao
    Melville, NY

    “I am running the Suffolk County Marathon to support our veterans who have sacrificed so much to protect and preserve all that is great and wonderful in this country."

  • Robert Fried

    Robert Fried
    Great Neck, NY

    ”I’m running Suffolk as support of the race and to be a part of first race.”

  • Lysa Mullady

    Lysa Mullady
    Smithtown, NY

    “I am running for my father, William John Giesler, who was a Korean War veteran. He ran the NYC Marathon in 1980. He is my inspiration. My Dad died December 24, 2014 of Parkinson's Disease and dementia.”

  • Justin Nakrin

    Justin Nakrin
    Oyster Bay, NY

    “I’m running the Suffolk Half Marathon simply because I love to run. It’s in my blood, my feet, my legs, and my heart. I’m a runner through and through. The half marathon just might be some of the worst pain I will ever have felt. My achy, sweaty, dehydrated, weather-beaten body will be screaming at me to stop moving immediately. I’ll be running on fumes, nothing but straight-up guts. But I’ll keep on running; there’s no way that I’m not crossing the finish line.”

  • Joe Naples

    Joe Naples
    Center Moriches, NY

    “I'm glad to be running my second marathon here in Suffolk. I'll be running in memory of a loved one and in support of our veterans and service members.”

  • William Neftleberg

    William Neftleberg
    Bohemia, NY

    “I have 3 reasons why I am running the Suffolk Marathon, First it is local, second I always want to run a marathon or half marathon. The final reason is the most important it going to help Veterans, which I would have donated even if I wasn't running.”

  • Pauline Tang

    Pauline Tang
    Briarwood, NY

    “This will be my 25th marathons and my 1st Suffolk County Marathon. I run for confidence, health, strength, feeling of accomplishment and most of all for me. Running makes me a happier person.”

  • Howard Kestenbaum

    Howard Kestenbaum
    Plainview, NY

    “I have been running since age 60, now 84, so 24 years of experience in all kinds of races. Now too old to run full marathons, I have been running several half-marathons, and Suffolk is the second of four on my calendar between now and October. I am always looking for a new half, and Suffolk fills the bill!”

  • Fazal Mahmood

    Fazal Mahmood

    “I ran 47 marathons which includes 3 international marathons (Canada, Dubai and Jamaica). I am running the Suffolk marathon because it is close to home and I would like to run different course.”

  • John and Eileen Manitta and Maritza Santos

    John and Eileen Manitta and Maritza Santos
    Riverhead, NY

    “We are the 3 Amigos. We have competed in many races (5K, 10K, 15K and Half Marathons). You can also see us biking all over long island. We are excited to run the first inaugural Suffolk County Half Marathon! We are Selden Hills Warriors! We are strong and ready to get it done on September 13th!”

  • Janet McGee

    Janet McGee
    Amityville, NY

    “The Suffolk County Marathon is my first marathon. I’m so excited. Completing a marathon is on my bucket list. I started running in 2000 after a bout with breast cancer. My dearest friend Susan has brain cancer, reminding me not to put off my bucket list. I’m for me and Susan.”

  • Anthony Merola

    Anthony Merola
    Merrick, NY

    “I got hooked on running after completing my first road race five years ago. I’m currently training for the NYC Marathon and look forward to running Suffolk’s inaugural 13.1.”

  • Earl Parks

    Earl Parks
    Deer Park, NY

    “I started running as a way to stay involved with my two sons who were both long distance runners in college. Currently, we have an annual family reunion on Fathers Day and run in the Forever Running 5K for Chief Ray Downey. I'm running in the Suffolk County Half Marathon as a show of support for a friend who was thinking of running this race but was seriously injured in a car accident. Looking forward to running in this inaugural race with my sons and hope to make it an annual event.”

  • Anthony Powell

    Anthony Powell
    Blue Point, NY

    “I'm running this marathon to help support these deserving men and women who have sacrificed so much for our benefit to protect the freedoms we all enjoy.”

  • Olivia Watkins

    Olivia Watkins
    Deer Park, NY

    ”I ran my first half marathon in May of this year. Crossing the finish line was probably the most accomplished I've ever felt in my life & I can't wait to do it again. Growing up in Suffolk, it's going to be awesome to say I participated in the first ever Suffolk County Marathon.”

  • Michael Berg

    Michael Berg
    Albertson, NY

    “I'm running the Suffolk County Half Marathon as part of my training for the NYC Marathon this year, my second (final) time. I figured this would be a great way to log some miles, run in an energetic crowd and benefit veterans all at the same time.”

  • Paul Fetscher

    Paul Fetscher
    Long Beach, NY

    “I’ve run every marathon run on Long Island so I need to keep that streak going."

  • John Flannelly

    John Flannelly
    West Babylon, NY

    “Running to still compete in something and to stay healthy and fit.”

  • Mary Lenzi

    Mary Lenzi
    Hauppauge, NY

    “I’m an athlete who likes to run.”

  • Nancy Long

    Nancy Long
    Hicksville, NY

    “Running has been a blessing in my life that helped me deal with anxiety and depression. It was like fate when I saw in Newsday that registration had opened for the inaugural Suffolk County Marathon as I was thinking about signing up for a marathon. Distance from home was a big plus. This will be my first marathon and I'm up for the challenge. I run with Team Takbo and am proud to be raising awareness for veteran programs in Suffolk County.”

  • Beth Murray

    Beth Murray
    Holtsville, NY

    “ ‘Only One Life, Run It!' is a personal life motto that I created this year, as I celebrated 6 years cancer-free. I endured many years' worth of surgeries, chemo, radiation, all with complications and ...breast cancer ran my life. Struggling with doubts as to what defined it and when I was worthy of the title, I was not sure when I would earn the ability to call myself a "Survivor.” I never ran until a year ago, when I decided to run the NYC Susan Komen 5k- I wanted to run it Survivor Strong! And I did it; with my kids at my side! I finally felt deserving of the title.”

  • William Pine

    William Pine
    Boston, MA

    “I have been running since 1976, seriously since the early 80s. I have run 70 marathons (pr of 2:50). I have been ill and injured for the first time for the past 2 years. I want to qualify for Boston so this is a comeback. I teach high school and coach xc at the Dexter Southfield School in Brookline, MA. This looks like a promising event and I'm really excited about running it.”

  • Darbi Leigh Roberts

    Darbi Leigh Roberts
    New York City

    "I'm running the inaugural Suffolk County Marathon because I'm excited to see how far i can push my body on a fast and flat course. And also for all the amazing food at the finish line!"

  • Monica Altkin

    Monica Altkin
    Coram, NY

    “I am participating in this marathon to support our heroes.”

  • Tom McGovern

    Tom McGovern
    East Islip, NY

    “I am running to be part of history. Running in the inaugural Suffolk County Marathon starting and finishing in East Islip, where I live, will be an amazing thrill for me and my family.”

  • Sheelagh McNeill

    Sheelagh McNeill
    New York City

    “I'm running the Suffolk Half as a training run for the New York City Marathon in November. I'm excited to be part of the inaugural Suffolk County race!”

  • Matthew Mikowski

    Matthew Mikowski
    Commack, NY

    “I am running the full 26.2 miles for my uncle who served in the Army, and my nephew USAF who is currently serving in Afghanistan. It's a small thank you to all the men and women that served our country.”

  • Bobby Moore

    Bobby Moore
    Bayport, NY

    “I'm running the marathon because it's a local race help support the veterans and always nice to run a race where you train running Marathons are part of my Iron Man training also il be running with many of my friends.”

  • Christine Ray

    Christine Ray
    North Babylon, NY

    “I’m running in honor of my father who served in the military as well as countless others who serve this country. Being a part of this inaugural day, running and challenging myself through the picturesque towns of Suffolk’s South Shore will be an uplifting and most memorable experience. This race will be on my ‘must-do’ list for years to come!”

  • Gary Stone

    Gary Stone
    Centerport, NY

    “The Suffolk Half is a great chance both to compete in the inaugural event in my county of residence for most of my adult life, and to compete as part of the North Shore-LIJ running team! I haven’t had this kind of opportunity since we used to compete in the Corporate Challenge Series. Looking forward to a fun time and lots of camaraderie!”

  • Joanne Styles

    Joanne Styles
    Centereach, NY

    “My goal for my 60th Birthday year is to run my first full Marathon!! As soon as the Suffolk Marathon was mentioned, I knew that was the one!! Training with friends in different areas of Suffolk County has been great & running my first marathon with all my "Selden Hills Warriors" will be the greatest thrill!!! Supporting our veterans is a big part of it too!”

  • Deirdre Donat

    Deirdre Donat
    West Babylon, NY

    “When I saw that Suffolk was hosting Marathon and a Half, I just had to participate…I try to run anything that helps our Veteran’s and it will be thrilling running so close to home and being able to wave to my grandchildren as I go by will be an added bonus.”

  • Keith Drayer

    Keith Drayer
    North Woodmere, NY

    “Running on beautiful Long Island is a treat and I’m taking advantage of it!”

  • Pete Guaraldi

    Pete Guaraldi
    Babylon, NY

    “County Executive Bellone’s story inspired me to become more proactive and to live a healthier lifestyle. The Suffolk County Half Marathon will be my first half marathon ever and will be my third race this summer. Since I have started running, I have felt more energized, determined and goal-oriented. I am also looking forward to running alongside with several of my friends and colleagues in honor of our veterans and active service men and women.”

  • Brendan Martin

    Brendan Martin
    Smithtown, NY

    “I chose the Suffolk Marathon because my good friend Brendan Barrett is a co-race director and he always puts on the best races. I want to support a great cause by running for veterans. I also want to participate in the first annual Suffolk half/full marathon because I know this is going to be an amazing annual event.”

  • Max Mendoza

    Max Mendoza
    Houston, Texas

    “Running The Suffolk County Marathon as a bucket list Marathon run of the year, 2015.”

  • Doug Pandolf

    Doug Pandolf
    Patchogue, NY

    “I am running this race in support of my wife and all veterans. I run daily and have participated in several races from 5K-Half marathons. I run to help me keep peace of mind.”

  • Jim Sanderson and Elaine Cappadona

    Jim Sanderson and Elaine Cappadona
    Kings Park, NY

    “Our passion for running brought us together 6 years ago. Since then, we’ve run races of every distance including a few triathlons and duathlons. There’s nothing like training for a new race and the excitement of race day. We’re looking forward to participating in the Inaugural Suffolk County Half Marathon.”

  • Kelly Villaruel

    Kelly Villaruel
    Hawthorne, NJ

    “I am running in the Suffolk Marathon to show honor to our veterans who fought for our country. Some may not have the ability to run any longer and for that sacrifice, I am forever grateful and will run in their honor.”

  • Ty Austin

    Ty Austin
    New York City

    “I'm running the Suffolk Marathon because I love running and I continuing my journey of losing over 200lbs. Most importantly, I run to inspire others. If I can change my life for the better then so can they.”

  • Matt Harbin

    Matt Harbin

    “I am runnning the Half Marathon to help bring support and awareness to my sister's new program Kids Who Serve and also to support my sister, an Air Force Veteran and my dad a Marine Corps Veteran, two people that inspire me the most. This is my first half marathon, I ran my first 5K on Fire Island on August 9th. I look forward to sharing this experience with them.”

  • Patricia Mendiola

    Patricia Mendiola
    Houston, Texas

    "I love to run and i love to travel. I am excited to be able to run (half marathon) in Suffolk County, LI.”

  • John Michel

    John Michel
    Bohemia, NY

    “I am running is because fitness and physical activity is a cornerstone to living a healthy and fulfilling life. I have run the Marcum 5K run twice and I have run the 10 mile 18 obstacle tough mudder this past August 15.”

  • Indu Panicker

    Indu Panicker
    Congers, NY

    “I’m running to help the community, support our veterans and for fun.”

  • Steve Randazzo and Darlene Randazzo

    Steve Randazzo and Darlene Randazzo
    Lindenhurst, NY

    “Both longtime runners, we couldn't miss the inaugural Suffolk County Marathon and Half Marathon. We are honored to support our veterans community and hope this is the first of many Suffolk County Marathons to come. As mother and son, Team Randazzo is ready for the challenge!”

  • Jennifer Robinson

    Jennifer Robinson
    Hauppauge, NY

    “I will be running the Suffolk County Marathon this September. I've fallen in love with running since losing my (step)father to cancer in June 2013. It has become a way for me to keep his memory alive and fund-raise the money so desperately needed to fight cancer and raise awareness; so that no one ever has to suffer to loss that my family experienced!!!”

  • Chris Swezey

    Chris Swezey
    Great River, NY

    “This is my fourth marathon and I could not be more excited to run 26.2 miles through the streets and parks where I grew up. The marathon is one of the greatest sporting events in the world and to race right in my hometown makes it even more exciting and fulfilling.”

  • Susan Warsaw

    Susan Warsaw
    Coram, NY

    “By running the Suffolk Marathon, we are helping local veterans. We are members of Team Chris, whose mission is to Honor the Fallen and Support the Troops. Team Chris was started to honor the life of Cpl. Christopher G. Scherer who was KIA 7/21/07 while defending our freedom; we remember and honor him with every step we take, along with all those who lost their lives while serving our country. And, we support returning veterans by raising money to sponsor service dogs for veterans who are in need.”

  • Maria Hartmann

    Maria Hartmann
    Levittown, NY

    “I'm so excited for the Suffolk Half - I think it's awesome to support veterans and I'm a Suffolk girl at heart!”

  • BethAnn Clyde

    BethAnn Clyde
    Lake Grove, NY

    “I've used running as a way of staying in shape for a while, but I felt like I was plateauing and wanted a new challenge. This will actually only be my second road race (I did the four-mile Run Around the Lake in June). Training has helped me push my limits and reach new goals (and as a morning runner, it's pretty cool to be able to do that before breakfast), and I'm learning there's something special about the Long Island running community.”

  • Hubert Keen

    Hubert Keen
    Farmingdale, NY

    “I am a newbie runner, just about 6 years seriously engaged. Why? Some unexplainable inner drive dictates that I must—until reality catches up someday. Plus: supporting vets is a great cause.”

  • Amy Keyes

    Amy Keyes
    Patchogue, NY

    “I lost 114 pounds in 2013 by becoming a runner. I gained some of the weight back during my second pregnancy and training for my first Half Marathon has been exactly what I needed to get back on track. For me, running is never easy. I have to fight for every mile. Even so I have truly developed a passion for it, because it’s changed who I am as a person. When I finish a long run I really feel invincible, I can’t imagine how I feel when I finish this race.”

  • Cossette Lacy

    Cossette Lacy
    Holtsville, NY

    “I have started joining half marathons and full marathons since 2006 in my country, Philippines. This is my first time to join here in the US. I run because it makes me love the feeling of living."

  • Marek Piecka

    Marek Piecka
    Copiague, NY

    “Participation in the Suffolk half-marathon was my dream and this is my first long run.Thanks that I can fulfill the dreams and half-marathon start in Suffolk.”

  • Amanda Scanlan

    Amanda Scanlan
    Northport, NY

    “I love to run as it gets the endorphins flowing, helps me stay fit and shows my kiddos (Benjamin, 3 yrs and Lincoln, 7 mo.) that exercise and being healthy are important, quality keys to happiness.”

  • Philip Armato

    Philip Armato
    West Babylon, NY

    “It's always great to be part of something new. I'm happy Suffolk County organized this and am looking forward to a beautiful, scenic run for an outstanding cause.”

  • Alexa Basile

    Alexa Basile
    Islip, NY

    "If you want to win something run 100 meters. If you want to experience something, run a marathon."

  • Eva Casale

    Eva Casale
    Glen Cove, NY

    “Running is my passion and I love new challenges. I've run 35 ultramarathons and the Suffolk Marathon will be my 55th full marathon. Every race is a challenge but if you stay in the moment and enjoy each step, you turn the challenge into a memorable journey. I look forward to this new local event and hope others will join in my excitement!”

  • Denise DeMattia

    Denise DeMattia
    Port Jefferson, NY

    “I've always enjoyed long distance running and putting my endurance level to the test. I have taken part in several charity runs over the recent years but have never participated in a half marathon. I greatly look forward to running in this event and crossing another item off my bucket list.”

  • Marissa Hiruma

    Marissa Hiruma
    Huntington, NY

    "I am running to raise funds for a team I co-founded called Race2Rebuild ( Race2Rebuild was born in the aftermath of Sandy, which was the reason that the 2012 NYC Marathon was canceled. Many athletes felt a need to give back to the community in which they were supposed to race, and so we helped coordinate volunteers to travel to heavily-impacted areas - Long Beach, Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. As time progressed, we realized that recovery would be much longer than just a few weeks, and so Race2Rebuild came to be."

  • Emily Lumley

    Emily Lumley
    Savyille, NY

    “Running has become such an important part of my life and I am happy to say that I am running my second half marathon for those who give their all for our country. Thank you to all the veterans and God bless.”

  • Gail and Dave Martin

    Gail and Dave Martin
    Sharon, MA

    “We are known as Team Martin. We continue to travel the country running races. We have never been to Long Island and thought it would be fun to run your inaugural race. We are looking forward to it.”

  • Mark Collins

    Mark Collins
    Floral Park, NY

    “I just started running a year and a half ago and I am running my first half marathon in honor of all of our veterans but especially for Sgt. Bryan M. Collins, US Army Reserves; my son, my soldier, my hero. Bryan just returned home from his second deployment. God Bless our veterans and God bless the United States of America.”

  • Kate Conlon

    Kate Conlon
    Bohemia, NY

    "I run because I can. When I get tired, I remember those who can't run, what they'd give to have this simple gift I take for granted, and I run harder for them. I know they would do the same for me."

  • Anthony Felice

    Anthony Felice
    Hicksville, NY

    “I am running to help support our veterans and to achieve a personal accomplishment.”

  • Linda Gennusa

    Linda Gennusa
    Holbrook, NY

    “I chose to run this race to support and honor our veterans. Couldn't be any more excited to be a part of this awesome event right here at home in Suffolk County.”

  • Leah Jantzen

    Leah Jantzen
    Setauket, NY

    “I am running the Suffolk County Marathon because I live on Long Island and love where I live. It will be my first marathon and I want nothing more than to do it on my home turf. And what better time than for the inaugural event. I am so excited!!”

  • Keith Pollanen

    Keith Pollanen
    Vincenza, Italy

    “I am running the race to honor all those who serve at home and abroad - when you live or serve in another country you learn to truly understand the value of their sacrifices they make for all of us.”

  • Mike Keneski

    Mike Keneski
    Farmingville, NY

    “I was inspired to do the half-marathon this year as a means to both raise money and as a tribute for those who suffer from heart disease and cancer.”

  • Kristina Demarco

    Kristina Demarco
    Manorville, NY

    “This will be my third half marathon and the first since triple bypass. I run to support my best friend Nirupa who's strength and courage inspire me every day.”

  • Amy Dattoma

    Amy Dattoma
    Levittown, NY

    “A mother of 4, I recently took up running in March and love competing against myself. This is my first half marathon. Im most excited to see my family and friends along the course to motivate me, and of course, finishing this goal I've set for myself.”

  • Ed Adams

    Ed Adams
    Patchogue, NY

    "I've been running on and off for 15 years, more off than on. I am running to represent Long Island Against Trafficking."

  • Kerry Blomberg

    Kerry Blomberg
    Farmingville, NY

    "I am running the Suffolk 1/2 Marathon to support our military heroes past and present. More specifically, I am running the race for Uncle Arthur Lloyd (W.W.II vet.), cousin Vinny Servidio (deceased vet), John F. Ginley (FDNY, 9-11 victim), and Jason Sekzer (9-11 victim)."

  • Rachael Barret

    Rachael Barret
    Brooklyn, NY

    "I am running the Suffolk Marathon because of Ingrid Abad! She is a Suffolk county resident and an amazing runner and running friend. Running expands your horizons and your confidence and you get to meet new people from different places as you travel to different places!"

  • Charles Dietrich

    Charles Dietrich
    Stony Brook, NY

    "I'm running because of my girlfriend Leanne. She inspires and supports me in everything that I do. She has given me the drive to run my first 5k in January, my first half marathon in May, and my first marathon in this coming September. She is an amazing partner and I couldn't be more fortunate to have her a part of my life."

  • Pavan Konduru

    Pavan Konduru
    Melville, NY

    "I'm running my 1st Official Half Marathon Race in my life and all excited to see what I got and to improve my determination and endurance in the run."

  • Steve Bellone

    Steve Bellone
    Babylon, NY

    "As part of my personal journey to become more healthy, diet was a large part, but so was exercise. I was determined to live a more healthy lifestyle for me and my family. Crossing the finish line at the 2014 NYC Marathon was an amazing experience, but I am doubly excited to finish the inaugural Suffolk County Marathon & Half Marathon in Support of our Vets."

  • Joe Tloczkowski

    Joe Tloczkowski
    Holbrook, NY

    "I enrolled this year to run the Suffolk County Marathon for two reasons. One a personal challenge as I approach my 39th year and strive to get in the best shape of my life and most importantly in Honor of My Mom Patricia Ann Tloczkowski and all her Teal Sisters fighting for their lives against ovarian cancer. It's a cause that has become front and center in my life as my family and many others join hands in the fight against cancer."

  • Jason Vittore

    Jason Vittore
    Levittown, NY

    "I chose to run the Suffolk County Half Marathon because I had to get back into my running after my wife passed away back in March of this year. All of my time was spent taking care of her and our daughter, Quinn. I run this race in her memory and to let myself know that life does go on and you have to move onward and upward."

  • Mary Kate Burns

    Mary Kate Burns
    Brightwaters, NY

    "Running was just something I did to stay in shape for a long time. Then I decided to challenge myself and sign up for a half marathon last year. It was during those 12 weeks of training that I finally understood what people meant when they said running is euphoric. I started to forget about the time and the speed and just enjoy the run. Training for the half was truly a physical challenge, but it taught me to live in the moment and I have never been happier."

  • Joseph Jensen

    Joseph Jensen
    Wantagh, NY

    “As a lifelong LI resident, I'm excited to race in the inaugural Suffolk County Marathon. Suffolk will be my 7th Marathon and hopefully my most memorable!Best of luck to all!”

  • Kelsey LaPort

    Kelsey LaPort
    Ronkonkoma, NY

    “Running makes me feel invincible and I want to set a good example for my two daughters on staying active and healthy.”

  • Andy Arcuri

    Andy Arcuri
    Bay Shore, NY

    “Running has always been a family event for the Arcuris, and since my brother was tragically killed on June 20, 2014, we (a group of us exceeding 25 runners) all now #Run4Rich". Look for us in our RED #Run4Rich singlets all over the half and full courses.”

  • Franklin Puello

    Franklin Puello
    Shirley, NY

    “Running this Inaugural Suffolk County Marathon in Support of my Community and for my Two Causes: Kicking Cancer And specially AUTISM SPEAKS and my grandson Caleb.”

  • Jim Silvestri

    Jim Silvestri
    Greenlawn, NY

    “I am training for the Philadelphia Marathon in November and need to run 13.1 miles and its more fun to run with thousands of people than by myself.”

  • Angela Wakefield-Kubelle

    Angela Wakefield-Kubelle
    St. James, NY

    “I've been running recreationally for over 20 years & am currently a running coach with the Rolling Thunder Special Needs Program. I decided to run the Suffolk Marathon because this is where I live & I want to show my support for running in this county.”

  • Debra Zaech

    Debra Zaech
    Patchogue, NY

    “I’m running the Suffolk half-marathon to prove how awesome, strong and motivated older women are.”

  • Teresa Caputo

    Teresa Caputo
    East Setauket, NY

    "I ran in high school then stopped running in college, then started up again about 18 months ago and am hooked. I'm running the suffolk half because after running my first ever half last March I am absolutely hooked and love finding fun,scenic, new courses to run!"

  • Brian Cooper

    Brian Cooper
    Massapequa Park, NY

    “I have been running for the past 2 years, but never anything farther then a 10k. I have been pushing myself since my eldest daughter was born so that I could keep up with them as I aged. A half marathon seems to be the next step and the Suffolk County Marathon is a perfect choice.”

  • Thomas Gannon

    Thomas Gannon
    Mastic Beach, NY

    “I run because I was told by my doctor that I would never run a marathon. In 1997 I was pinned between three cars and shattered both legs. At the time I didn't run so I was OK with it. But now I am older and my wife has signed us up for races. We decided that our goal would be to make it through a marathon. I did one and this one I would like to do it faster than the first. I came in dead last; seriously, I was the last person to cross the finish line. But I am proud of myself that I kept going. I have been running now for a little over a year.”

  • Georgios Karagiannis

    Georgios Karagiannis
    The Bronx

    “I am very excited to run in my first-ever half-marathon and could not imagine a better fit than the inaugural Suffolk County Half-Marathon.”

  • James Kern

    James Kern
    East Islip, NY

    “About 10 years ago, I lost over 100 pounds and became a runner in the process. I completed 2 different half-marathons (2007 and 2009), but like many who have lost a lot of weight, have gained a sizable portion back again. I have not been running significant distance, but felt that I needed a challenge to motivate me, which is why I signed up for inaugural Suffolk County Half Marathon. I'm certain that I will not be the first to cross the finish line, but if I make it, and if you award a prize for the proudest finisher, I might be a candidate.”

  • John McDonnell

    John McDonnell
    Oceanside, NY

    “I have been running short distances--3-5 miles--for about 15 years. I ran my first Half Marathon in March of this year--that's the photo I have attached. I am running the Suffolk Half Marathon as a training run for the Marine Corps Marathon in October--my first one! I can’t wait for the Suffolk Half.”

  • Crystal Mello

    Crystal Mello
    Smithtown, NY

    “Running relaxes and frees the mind.”

  • Stacey Busching

    Stacey Busching
    Mastic Beach, NY

    “I run because it allows me to set and accomplish a new goal each day; I prove to myself daily that giving up is not an option and I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”

Members of the Suffolk Police Running Club, Josh Parsons, Colleen Thompson, Dawn Testa and John Oakley

Suffolk Police Running Club
2nd Precinct, Sheriff's Office and University Police

We are running the Suffolk County Marathon because those who defend our nation deserve the support and resources they need upon returning home. Through this race we have the opportunity to thank them for their service and to also give back to those who have sacrificed so much for us.
Members of the Suffolk Police Running Club, including Josh Parsons of the Suffolk County Police Second Precinct;, Colleen Thompson of the Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs, Dawn Testa of the New York State University Police Stony Brook and John Oakley of the Suffolk County Police Second Precinct

  • Jamie Alfano

    Jamie Alfano
    Huntington Station, NY

    “I am running the half marathon this September to honor a very special friend of mine and former veteran who passed away in March 2014. This will be my second half marathon. I can't wait to see the turnout at the race!”

  • Melissa Cavaliere-Ng

    Melissa Cavaliere-Ng
    Northport, NY

    “The Suffolk County Half Marathon supports a great cause, it fits into my marathon training schedule, and participating in races shows my four daughters that girls can be strong, healthy and confident, and they can do anything if they set their mind to it.”

  • Ken Greenwell

    Ken Greenwell
    Winter Haven, FL

    “I am running to celebrate our veterans and to enjoy Long Island, a wonderful part of our great country. This will be my 83rd marathon in my quest to make it to 100 before I lose the ability to endure the distance.”

  • Aldred Munyeneh

    Aldred Munyeneh
    Islip, NY

    “I am so looking forward to being part of this race and supporting our troops.”

  • Harish Muraleedharan

    Harish Muraleedharan
    Queens, NY

    "In some respects, progressing through life is like running a marathon. Reaching the finish line gives a great feeling of achievement, 'YES I DID IT!'"

  • Lou and Marie Rodriguez

    Lou and Marie Rodriguez
    West Islip, NY

    “Excited to run the first Suffolk County Marathon. This will be our first 1/2 marathon together. Glad it is so close to home.”

  • Colleen Kiker

    Colleen Kiker
    Bohemia, NY

    “I am running the Suffolk Half Marathon because, I can! Because it makes me feel strong and the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie with the other runners is an amazing high.”

  • Kristen Vitale

    Kristen Vitale
    West Sayville, NY

    “It is very inspiring to get to run through the wonderful towns of Suffolk for the first time.”

  • Jay Chung

    Jay Chung
    Albertson, NY

    “I am going to join this historical running with many of my friends. This going to be my 28th marathon, and will be the part of my history. I am so glad to join the 1st marathon in my hometown.”

  • Jon Heitner

    Jon Heitner
    Port Jefferson, NY

    “I am running the marathon as a starting point to propel my training for the Iron Man I plan to do next year. I also want to celebrate the great Long Island running tradition that I have been blessed to be apart of for throughout my running career.”

  • Sarah Kulins

    Sarah Kulins
    North Bellmore, NY

    “Running has been a big part of my life since middle school. I ran for Mepham High School and then at Adelphi University. This will be my third marathon, I want to push myself farther than ever before and just enjoy the training, especially my adventurous long runs!”

  • Angelo Morrongiello

    Angelo Morrongiello
    Lynbrook, NY

    “As a resident of Long Island, I enjoy running long distances in a pleasant environment like Suffolk County.”

  • Harold Daus

    Harold Daus
    Terryville, NY

    “At my age (82), you need new challenges.”

  • Mary Robbins

    Mary Robbins
    Kings Park, NY

    “I'm running the Suffolk County Half Marathon to help give something back to our veterans; they have given so much.”

  • Jesus Zamora and Traci Schiffer

    Jesus Zamora and Traci Schiffer
    Huntington Station, NY

    “With conflicting work schedules we rarely see each other. Running allows us to spend time together. We’re running the half to prove to ourselves (and each other) that we can!”

  • Billy Richards

    Billy Richards
    Islip, NY

    "“"I'm running the race in honor of my brothers and sisters in the military, and to inspire others to succeed, by showing that if you believe you can do it, you will achieve it."

  • Annie Bos-Greene

    Annie Bos-Greene
    West Islip, NY

    “I started running 5 years ago with the hope to run a 5k non stop and I did my family was there cheering me on. I became addicted to 5k runs and only ran for causes and charity. Now I have taken on the challenge of trying to wrap my head around completing a 1/2 marathon and lucky me it’s for the vets, who we can never do enough for. Hope to see my family at the finish line.”

  • Matt Ackerson

    Matt Ackerson
    Huntington, NY

    “I'm excited train and compete. I'm enjoying the experience already. I'm looking forward to getting to know other local runners in the weeks leading up to race day. This will be my first half-marathon.”

  • Gabrielle Andersen

    Gabrielle Andersen
    Babylon, NY

    “I run for those who can't and to show others that they can do anything they put their mind to! If you can run 1 mile, you can run 26.2!”

  • Mike Caulo

    Mike Caulo
    Dix Hills, NY

    “I wanted to challenge myself and inspire my clients to constantly push themselves, by leading by example.”

  • Jason Cohen

    Jason Cohen
    Manorville, NY

    “I am running to qualify for Boston in 2016 so I can run with my best friend Dean who already qualified.”

  • Tracy DeHayes

    Tracy DeHayes
    Islip, NY

    “This will be my 8th full marathon. It goes right through my hometown and it's for a great cause. Looking forward to it.”

  • Rich Rinck

    Rich Rinck
    St. James, NY

    “With 2 young children (Logan 7 and Kaitlyn 4) I have to stay healthy and continue to be a father that leads by example.”

  • Jeremy Susi

    Jeremy Susi
    Bridgeport, CT

    “I have always wanted to run a full marathon and I have no excuse NOT to do it at this time in my life.”

  • Kevin Corcoran

    Kevin Corcoran
    Patchogue, NY

    “I am a former US Marine sergeant, 1965-1969, who served in Vietnam, 1966-1967. I have always supported anything that is connected with veterans.”

  • Michael Doblan

    Michael Doblan
    Hauppauge, NY

    “I’m excited to be part of this inaugural marathon, to support our veterans and finally qualify for Boston.”

  • Allen Wolhfert

    Allen Wolhfert
    East Islip, NY

    “It's an honor to run this race in memory of a recently lost loved one, and to support the veterans. In my own backyard it's a no-brainer.”

  • Natalie Johnston

    Natalie Johnston
    Doylestown, PA

    “It's going to be a blast being able to come back and race where I grew up, and have my family line the course, and support me.”

  • Meghan O’Brien

    Meghan O’Brien
    Huntington Station, NY

    “Exercising regularly has helped me boost my self-confidence tremendously. I want to prove to myself that I can do anything, no matter how difficult it seems.”

  • Kelsie Wilkinson

    Kelsie Wilkinson
    Blue Point, NY

    "I was finally motivated to do a marathon because I think it's exciting to run a marathon through the town I grew up in and have lived my whole life."

  • Satish Yadav

    Satish Yadav
    South Setauket, NY

    “Got the running bug from a college friend during summer vacation break. We did San Diego half marathon together in 2009. Continuing the running to stay in shape.“

  • Christine Wolf

    Christine Wolf
    Amityville, NY

    “Running is a natural high for me. It keeps me mentally, physically and spiritually fit.”

  • Michelle Ward

    Michelle Ward
    Brooklyn, NY

    “As a young breast cancer survivor, it's important for me to make exercise a priority. As the wife of a marathoner, it seemed doable to train. As a new Mom, I need to show my daughter that women are strong and it's important to stay healthy! I'm running the Suffolk half with my best friend is 25 years - it's the first time we're running together!”

  • Bridget Fitzgerald

    Bridget Fitzgerald
    West Sayville, NY

    “All it takes is all you got.”

  • Jason Fried

    Jason Fried
    Kings Park, NY

    “I enjoyed running with my dad when I was a kid, but that was the extent of my running 'career'. 3 years ago I began training at Blydenburgh and along the Greenbelt Trail and have run several half marathons since. I'm so excited for my 1st 'full' and that I don't have to get up at dawn to get to Brooklyn or Central Park for a race!"

  • Nyles Garrison

    Nyles Garrison
    West Islip, NY

    ”I'm running the inaugural Suffolk county Half marathon simply because my favorite place to run is Heckscher State Park where the race will be.”

  • Kristina Lucenko

    Kristina Lucenko
    Miller Place, NY

    “I am running because I ran my last half-marathon 15 years ago, so it's about time.”

  • Michele McCaffrey

    Michele McCaffrey
    East Islip, NY

    “I am running this race because it's something that I do for myself. This will only be my Second half marathon, my first one being the Long Island marathon just last month. I'm excited to try to beat my last time. Fingers crossed!”

  • Dawn and Greg Trauthwein

    Dawn and Greg Trauthwein
    Bayport, NY

    “We are training for our first marathon and what better place than the South Shore of Long Island. We live in Bayport and we both have completed a couple of half marathons but never a full. We always try to run whenever we travel and recently ran in a 6k charity run in Oslo. We are both very competitive especially with each other which serves as a great motivating factor.”

  • John Yenchak

    John Yenchak
    Wyoming, PA

    “I'm a Marine Corps veteran, 1978-86. I am running in honor of all my Marine Corps brothers and sisters who gave their lives to preserve our freedom.”

  • Elizabeth Arato

    Elizabeth Arato
    Huntington, NY

    “I usually stick to the Tris and duathlons over the summer but wanted to change up my training this year and decided to run the inaugural Suffolk Half.”

  • Irene Brociner

    Irene Brociner
    East Meadow, NY

    “I use my passion for running now to help raise money and awareness for Crohn's disease and breast cancer. I live with Crohn's and I am a breast cancer survivor! I have never stopped running despite all the physical and emotional obstacles that I have lived with. Running is the only time that I feel good about myself.”

  • Kristin and Barney Fortunato

    Kristin and Barney Fortunato
    Smithtown, NY

    “We love running anything from Turkey Trots to Ultras.”

  • John Clifford

    John Clifford
    Seaford, NY

    “I’m glad that there will now be another local ½ marathon for the many serious runners on Long Island. I’m looking forward to running a fast, flat course through vibrant south shore neighborhoods. It will be a celebration for the runners and for the LI Veterans that have done so much to protect the ideals of this great country.”

  • James Kenealy

    James Kenealy
    Framingham, MA

    “Running the Suffolk Marathon to try to again qualify for Boston (2016), and to make up for the slow race I ran this year. Also thinking that I will use this as the first of 3 marathons within 3 months, to qualify for the Marathon Maniacs group. It also adds mileage to my other goal this year: 2015 miles in 2015.”

  • James Miceli

    James Miceli
    Bayport, NY

    “My trainer convinced me I could do the half marathon and I would enjoy the training, also its the first Suffolk Marathon and for a good cause.”

  • John Ottaviano

    John Ottaviano
    Cold Spring Harbor, NY

    “My wife, Linda, is managing the race for GLIRC and Suffolk County instead of joining me for a trip on our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Talk about dedication. If the only way I can be with her to celebrate our Anniversary is to run this race, then that is what I will do!”

  • Gianna Wezik

    Gianna Wezik
    Hempstead, NY

    “My brothers have each run a total of eight marathons and this is will be my third. I’m using this as my chance to catch up to them while doing it for a wonderful cause.”

  • Hanna Browning

    Hanna Browning
    New York City

    “I am running the Suffolk Marathon with my big brother, Zack, who trained and ultimately taught me to love running. Running is a huge bond between my brother and me and I couldn't imagine running my first marathon with anyone else. Thanks for everything, Zack!”

  • Jim Hutter

    Jim Hutter
    Lindenhurst, NY

    “There's nothing better than to meet new runners that are your neighbors, run into old friends, and make new ones. I run to stay fit and try and set an example for my children and may be inspire other over 40 year olds and 200 plus pounds that it can be done.”

  • Stephanie Ingenito

    Stephanie Ingenito
    Holbrook, NY

    “Running the Suffolk County Marathon will be another opportunity for me to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I have completed 6 full marathons in 5 states and 13 half-marathons. Along with some of my closest friends, our goal is to complete 50 marathons in 50 states by the time we’re 50 years old. This will be my 7th full marathon and I couldn’t be more excited that it is here along the beautiful South Shore of Suffolk County! #Run4Rich"

  • Micah Korn

    Micah Korn
    Huntington, NY

    “I'm running this race because I thought it'd be great participating in an inaugural run and its always good to be able to show support and appreciation for our brave veterans.”

  • Robert Levy

    Robert Levy
    Plainview, NY

    “This year I've completed several 13.1 races, including the Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon, the NYC Half Marathon, Long Island Half Marathon, and the Brooklyn Half Marathon. I've completed each in under 2 hours. As an inaugural event, it’s an unknown, new challenge to me and I'm looking forward to it as part of my running year.”

  • Lisa Prudenti

    Lisa Prudenti
    Manorville, NY

    “I run to make sure all our Veterans have hope for their future!”

  • Victoria Spector

    Victoria Spector
    Yaphank, NY

    “As a recent college graduate, I know I'm going to miss track the most. I'm excited to embark on the new adventure of half marathons and eventually a full marathon with my two best friends, Jenny and Alyssa."

  • Mimi Washington

    Mimi Washington
    Orange, CT

    “Suffolk is the place where running became more than just running for me. I started help out Summer Running Camp for Rolling Thunder Special Needs Program 5 years ago. All the athletes and coaches in the team were so inspiring and the experiences with Thunder made me want to involve with running in different way.”

  • Stuart Burkhoff

    Stuart Burkhoff
    Great Neck, NY

    “I was not a runner growing up...quite far from it - I was asthmatic and out of shape. I started running as a challenge to myself. Three marathons later, I now run to inspire my daughter and educate her on the importance of exercise - it is a great activity that we can do together, and I look forward to having her cheer me on at the Suffolk Half Marathon.”

  • Terry Cerasi Drew

    Terry Cerasi Drew
    Oak Hill, VA

    “I started running 20 years ago with my twin girls in a double jogging stroller. I have done 4 marathons and enjoy road races as well as triathlons and mud races.”

  • Elizabeth Hehir

    Elizabeth Hehir
    Lindenhurst, NY

    “I just finished four years of Division I rowing and am hoping running will be the new athletic outlet in my life. I chose the Suffolk County Half Marathon as my first race because I plan on working with veterans and I like the cause that this race supports!”

  • Colin and Monique Barr

    Colin and Monique Barr
    Selden, NY

    “We have been running in Manhattan and other states since we started running about three years ago. It’s now time for us to run here at home and support our community. We also get to mingle with the wonderful folks here on LI and see more of our beautiful island.”

  • Debbie and Joe Lena

    Debbie and Joe Lena
    East Patchogue, NY

    “It's inspiring and it sets a great example for our two beautiful little girls. Our four-year-old always wants to go run with one of us. Our decision to do this is based on wanting to be better role models in regards to health and fitness, and to be a part of their lives for as long as possible.”

  • Mitchell Rich

    Mitchell Rich
    Merrick, NY

    “As a result of running, I have nearly completely reversed Type2 diabetes and have now kept the weight off for seven years. Prior to that time, my only interest was retiring from the practice of law and finding a place to vegetate. Now, I am the principal of a vibrant and growing law firm and looking forward to future expansion of my practice.”

  • Susannah and Susan Moran

    Susannah and Susan Moran
    Bay Shore and Brightwaters, NY

    “We want to want to prove that you can run at any size and at any age. It is never too late to accomplish your goals.”

  • Dan Ryan

    Dan Ryan
    Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

    “I'm running the 1/2 marathon for my lovely wife, Rebecca, who is pregnant with our first child. She's the real runner in the family having run many marathon/half-marathons but won't be able to race this September. So I'm going to try and step up to the plate on her behalf.”

  • Deirdre Bambrick

    Deirdre Bambrick
    Baldwin, NY

    “It has been said that my heart bleeds red, white and blue along with purple. To be part of the Inaugural Suffolk County Marathon as both a member of Team in Training and Team Chris is a dream come true. I run for those who can't to help rid the world of cancer and I run to honor our true American heros ~ our Veterans and to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect the rights and freedom of others. It will be my honor to run in memory of my college classmate's son, Jordan Haerter as well Christopher Scherer.”

  • Jim Ferguson

    Jim Ferguson
    Lindenhurst, NY

    “It’s time Suffolk had its own race event, and it’s exciting to run the inaugural. There could also be no better cause than to support our troops. God Bless them, and Good luck to all!”

  • Michael Nusblat

    Michael Nusblat
    Rockland County, NY

    “At the time of the race I hope to complete 48 states in which I have run a marathon. Also, I will try to complete all 50 states by the end of this year.”

  • Mike Oliveri

    Mike Oliveri
    Bay Shore, NY

    “I'm running this marathon because I want to be a part of the inaugural marathon. Also it's close to home and I want to support it.”

  • Neeranjan Paray

    Neeranjan Paray
    Mount Sinai, NY

    “I am doing the Suffolk County 1/2 marathon not only because Suffolk County is our home but also helping our troops who keep us safe, and another 2015 fitness goal for myself! Good luck to all the runners and walkers.”

  • Kim Petrosino

    Kim Petrosino
    North Babylon, NY

    “I run because I can. When I feel like I can't run another second, I look up at the sky and feel my dad's energy shining down on me. Then I keep going.”

  • Anna and Pam Robinson

    Anna and Pam Robinson
    Washington, D.C. & Huntington, NY

    “I’ve always wanted to run a race with my Mom, so this is a perfect opportunity.”

  • Carlos Valencia

    Carlos Valencia
    Boston, MA

    “I've never been a runner but becoming one is something I've always wanted to challenge myself with. This half marathon is the perfect way to see what I'm made of."

  • Joe Flick

    Joe Flick
    Lindenhurst, NY

    "I want to use the Suffolk marathon as a tuneup race for NYC and take part in the inaugural event. I have a 2 year old daughter (Josie) that was born with a deletion of her 7th chromosome and is missing her FOXP2 gene (among many others). She has been through more since birth than most people will go through in a lifetime and has a long road ahead. She attends the Hagedorn Little Village School for Children with Special Needs and I am trying to bring awareness to this program. I draw all of my inspiration from her and when the going gets tough on the course, I think about her struggles and how she is able to persevere."

  • Jon Fishlow

    Jon Fishlow
    Melville, NY

    "Suffolk is where I have lived for most of my life. I grew up in Brentwood and currently reside in Melville. I'm looking forward to this as it represent a true "home town" marathon for me."

  • Brian Grodotzke

    Brian Grodotzke
    Rocky Point, NY

    "My sister made me do it."

  • Dan Herr

    Dan Herr
    Woodside, NY

    "There's no better feeling of accomplishment than finishing a long race. Being able to do so in the county I love and grew up in makes it all the more exciting."

  • Danielle Kamine

    Danielle Kamine
    Goldenrod, FL

    "I come from a large family of New York public service workers, including teachers, firemen, nurses, police officers and military personnel. I am running this race as it is an honor to run in support of the military personnel in my family."

  • Kim Keary

    Kim Keary
    Patchogue, NY

    "I've always toyed with the idea of running a full marathon, but I've been too nervous to follow through. I was born and raised in Suffolk County, went to college in Suffolk County, and now I work for Suffolk County. How could I not run the inaugural Suffolk County Marathon? There is no doubt that it is going to be a long and rough ride, but I'm incredibly excited. Or maybe I'm really just excited to consume 26.2 miles worth of food, beer, and wine at the Taste of Long Island after the race!"

  • Lori Cassidy

    Lori Cassidy
    Port Jefferson Station, NY

    "I am running the Suffolk County Half Marathon for my fiancé Jason who is a Suffolk Veteran currently serving in his third deployment."

  • Mike McGuire

    Mike McGuire
    West Islip, NY

    "I am running the 1/2 marathon for everyone who lost a loved one to pancreatic cancer. I will have purple cancer ribbons painted on my legs and arms for the race."

  • Fanchi Cheuk

    Fanchi Cheuk
    Jericho, NY

    "I am thrilled to be running the Inaugural Suffolk County Marathon and be part of Long Island history."

  • Kim Coppola

    Kim Coppola
    Lindenhurst, NY

    “I've been a runner for 20 years and participated in many events all throughout Long Island. I'm running the Suffolk marathon because I wanted to be a part of the Inaugural and every year to follow now that I live in Suffolk County.”

  • Jamie DeMaria

    Jamie DeMaria
    East Islip, NY

    “I am looking forward to my very first half marathon!!! Can't wait for September”

  • Jolene McCarthy

    Jolene McCarthy
    Patchogue, NY

    “The Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. was my very first marathon, and I will never forget the feeling of exhilaration, pride, and sense of accomplishment that I felt. I am thrilled to be running in the Suffolk County Marathon, a race that will enable me to run through my hometown and be cheered on by the local members of my community. I will be running to raise money for Homes For Our Troops, an organization that builds specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans. Giving back to those who fight for our freedom is important to me, and since their permanent injuries prevent them from running, I will run for them!”

  • Nick Menchyk

    Nick Menchyk
    Huntington, NY

    “I've been running on and off for over six years, and have completed six Cooper River Bridge Runs (10K) in Charleston, SC, one half marathon in Asheville, NC, and a 15K trail race in PA. I've been looking to run a marathon for several years and am excited to participate in the Suffolk County Marathon this Fall.”

  • Mike Verbsky

    Mike Verbsky
    Plainview, NY

    “My goal is to get under 2:00 for the Half marathon again. 2015 Mantra: No Excuses!”

  • Emil Wisekal

    Emil Wisekal
    East Setauket, NY

    “Running in a half marathon race 2 or 3 times every year helps to keep my training on track.”

  • Amy Zambrana

    Amy Zambrana
    West Babylon, NY

    “I have been running consistently since 2011 after having my 3rd child. Running is my passion! I am so excited that Suffolk County is holding its very own race and am even more excited to be a part of the inaugural run.”

  • Carly Emmer and Erin Abraham

    Carly Emmer and Erin Abraham
    New York City and Boston

    “Carly is trying to run her first half-marathon and is looking forward to racking up some mileage. Erin is trying to qualify for Boston and become better friends with Carly's mom. We are excited to spend time together after graduation despite living in different cities, and lucky we get to be fit doing it!”

  • Cathy Campisi

    Cathy Campisi
    Selden, NY

    “I am running the Suffolk County Marathon because it is the next step of my weight loss and fitness goals, after losing over 100 lbs and keeping it off.”

  • Kim Polito

    Kim Polito
    Sayville, NY

    “I run every single day and have for close to 10 years now. But I always go the same distance, 3 to 4 miles. Last year I ran a 10k to push myself outside of my comfort zone and found I could do it with relative ease. I never thought I'd want to run 13 miles, but as it turns out, I just want to prove to myself that I can. I'm fond of active dog breeds (border collies, labs) and I always run with and for my dogs. But racing lets me run for me.”

  • Mike Cohen

    Mike Cohen
    Plainview, NY

    “I am excited to run the inaugural Suffolk County Half Marathon, which will be my 3rd Half Marathon and first on Long Island. I run with Team Challenge, an endurance training program that helps raise funds and awareness for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. I can’t wait to share the road with my fellow Long Islanders!!”

  • Frank Notarstefano

    Frank Notarstefano
    Seaford, NY

    “I am a Long Islander and to run in the Inaugural Suffolk County Marathon & Half Marathon in support of our Veterans is very exciting. This will be my 22nd Half Marathon and I look forward to this race in our local community.”

  • Heather Laurel

    Heather Laurel
    Sunnyside, NY

    “I grew up (mostly) in Mastic Beach, so I am particularly excited to run on my home turf. I've been running for over 20 years, and I'm a happy veteran midpacker, meaning I run for fun and finish smack in the middle of the pack at most races. Although I'm a half-marathoner at heart, this will be my eighth full marathon. I was an overweight child and teenager, and running helped me to lose weight and gain confidence.”

  • Courtney Olton

    Courtney Olton
    Plainedge, NY

    “I have been running competitively for 2 years. My passion for running took on a whole new meaning May 2, 2015. My best friend, Police Officer Brian Moore, was shot. I wanted to do whatever I could to help him stay strong and pull through this, so I dedicated my run to him.He kept fighting all day, but passed away the day after. For then on out, I dedicated all my races to him. I’m already signed up for 9 throughout the summer, and wanted to run another half for him.”

  • Charles Payret

    Charles Payret
    Lake Grove, NY

    “Running the Suffolk County Half Marathon, to support because I enjoy running, promotes a healthy lifestyle, supports our veterans and it’s in our own back yard at Heckscher State Park.”

  • Samantha Burns

    Samantha Burns
    Commack, NY

    “I am running the Suffolk County half marathon in order to train for the NYC Marathon in November. I have traveled all over the country to run, so I'm really excited to be part of the inaugural marathon in my home county!”

  • Gillian Gross

    Gillian Gross
    East Meadow, NY

    “As a retired D1 soccer player, I still get the competitive itch. I feel that it was time to set a new goal, accomplish something I've never done before, and heck, cross it off my bucket list as well. I am running the half marathon to test my own limits and to be a part of something great happening in our Long Island community.”

  • Walter Ingram

    Walter Ingram
    Somerville, NJ

    “I decided to run the Suffolk Half Marathon because I grew up on the island and wanted to race a half this fall before starting my training for the 2016 Boston Marathon.”

  • Federico Kamelhar

    Federico Kamelhar
    Great Neck, NY and Buenos Aires, Argentina

    “When I heard that this was going to be the first marathon in Suffolk, I had no hesitation in enrolling. I work in Suffolk County, and I am very excited to race at the inauguration of this event.”

  • Ting Cheng

    Ting Cheng
    Smithtown, NY

    “I am running to support the first-ever Suffolk Marathon. In addition, I am proud to be running for a organization, Life without Lupus. Together we want to spread the awareness of Lupus. Hoping one day we can live life without Lupus.”

  • Keri Schmidt

    Keri Schmidt
    Jamesport, NY

    “I'm using this race as a training race for the 2015 NYC marathon in which I plan on running. I'm also exciting to be running this race with a friend of mine who is running a half marathon for the first time! I plan on competing in the NYC marathon once every 10 years. We will see how that goes.”

  • Kris Gozaloff

    Kris Gozaloff
    West Sayville, NY

    “I am turning 50 this year and this race passes my house...I would never pass this up for all the ‘Hokas’ in the world!”

  • Alexis Cote

    Alexis Cote
    West Islip, NY

    “I am running because my home is Long Island. Currently a half marathon is a perfect distance and challenge for me. More importantly I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I served for 8 years total, stationed for 4 1/2 years in Bahrain(Middle East). I like to participate in anything to support the troops.”

  • Tom Aiello

    Tom Aiello
    Copiague, NY

    “I'm very excited to participate in the Inaugural Suffolk County Marathon and to raise money for our veterans.”

  • Jamilee Jones

    Jamilee Jones
    Farmingvile, NY

    “I'm running the Suffolk marathon because you never know what you can do until you push past what you thought were your limits!”

  • Joe Harbin

    Joe Harbin
    Huntington Station, NY

    “This run is for all veterans, past, present and future.”

  • Sean Lewin

    Sean Lewin
    New York City, NY

    “It will be a wonderful change of pace to run outside of the concrete jungles of NYC, Philadelphia, and DC where I have done most of my long distance races.”

  • June Luciano

    June Luciano
    Sayville, NY

    “How could I miss the chance to run the inaugural Suffolk County Marathon?! A race being run practically in my own backyard! I am so excited to share this experience with our local community, to run with so many familiar faces and see so many more cheering from the sidelines. I look forward to a spectacular event!”

  • Justin Meyers

    Justin Meyers
    Babylon, NY

    “I’m looking forward to running this race through the spectacular communities of Suffolk County’s South Shore. The race will raise money for a great cause, taking care of our veterans, and the Taste of Long Island festival will provide everyone with a chance to sample the foods and wines we produce right here in our backyards.”

  • Simonette Rivera

    Simonette Rivera
    Central Islip, NY

    “I did one other half marathon 5 years ago in Nassau County for my husband, Master Sgt. Harold Rivera who, at the time, was serving in the military in Afghanistan. He is back unhurt and I am grateful. I look forward to doing this race in his honor for his dedication and service to our country.”

  • Alex Schneider

    Alex Schneider
    Great Neck, NY

    “Running is his passion. It is the sole place that he can go where his autism is not front and center. He has to overcome unimaginable obstacles and challenges to do the most favorite thing in his life. He loves running in and of itself. He is unaware of how gifted he is. Running levels the playing field for him, and he can complete with "typical" athletes and not been seen as being autistic or disadvantaged in any way. He has achieved the inconceivable for someone so impaired.”

Army Airbore Tri-Team Members

Army Airborne Tri-Team

"We are running this marathon to raise awareness about physical health and wellness. No matter what your circumstances or war injuries, you can still do anything. You want to set a goal and achieve it. Our goal is to help veterans and if we could do it in any way, shape or form, we will." Airborne Tri-Team members, from left, Staff Sgt. Todd Wilkes; Staff Sgt. Christopher Dew, co-captain; Staff Sgt. Ron Hurtado, captain; Cpl. Kevin Grief, and Sgt. First Class Edgardo Comulada.

  • Ginger Bosak

    Ginger Bosak
    Lindenhurst, NY

    "My goal in my fitness is to show the next generation that activity is fun and empowering."

  • Elliot and Young Choi

    Elliot and Young Choi
    Sunnyside, NY

    "My dad decided he would put running a marathon with me, his son, on his bucket list. It took me a few years, but I finally obliged and we did the NYC Marathon together this past November. It was an unforgettable and awesome experience and so we decided to keep the fun going and do the Suffolk Marathon since it goes right through our hometown of East Islip."

  • Kim Doerrbecker

    Kim Doerrbecker
    Islip, NY

    "To have something as great as this in my own backyard, and to be able to help veterans in our own county is only an added bonus. I look forward to added more half marathon miles for a GREAT cause!"

  • Bernadette Friedel

    Bernadette Friedel
    West Babylon, NY

    "I am very much looking forward to running in the first Suffolk County marathon. I'll be in the midst of training for the NYC marathon so I'll only be running half. Can't wait!!!"

  • James Sanderlin

    James Sanderlin
    Blue Point, NY

    "I wanted to do the inaugural Suffolk county race because it is for a great cause and I am familiar with the streets we will be running. This will be my 4th half and I am hoping to do the full marathon next year."

  • Amy Thornton

    Amy Thornton
    Coram, NY

    "I'm so excited to run the inaugural Suffolk County Marathon! Long Island has such a wonderful running community and I'm proud to be a part of this event!"

  • Susan Tomassone

    Susan Tomassone
    Bayport, NY

    "I want to show my three kids that it is important to stay active and set goals for yourself. I also grew up in Suffolk County and love running along the beaches."

  • James Corbett

    James Corbett
    Manorville, NY

    "I am running the Suffolk Half Marathon as an example to my three sons and the youth soccer and track teams I coach of what can be done athletically if you put the hard work in."

  • Frank Capone

    Frank Capone
    Wading River, NY

    "What has been long overdue has finally arrived, Suffolk County's own marathon. And who would not want to be part of the inaugural event and especially for such a great cause. It will be my 25th full marathon, and along with over 30 runners from my North Country Road Warriors Club, we will all share in the excitement. As proud Suffolk County residents, we hope its success will mark the start of having this marathon each and every year thereafter."

  • Vincent Cagna

    Vincent Cagna
    Moriches, NY

    "As a fairly new runner and a life time Suffolk County resident, I was very pleased when the news article came out last year announcing that Suffolk County was going to hold an inaugural marathon. I was undecided which marathon to choose as my first one until now. How can I pass this opportunity up, close to home and we get to support our veterans."

  • Chris Gommlich

    Chris Gommlich
    East Northport, NY

    "I recently started a unique advertising business called The Running Suit Guy. I promote charities and businesses by running races across Long Island in my suit, tie, fedora, and dress shoes. But without our veterans none of this happens. There is no business opportunity and no freedom to choose our own path. It all starts with them. So, I'm running The Suffolk County 1/2 Marathon as my salute to you, our veterans, who give us all the chance to carry out our dreams."

  • Jacquelyn and Christine Dougherty

    Jacquelyn and Christine Dougherty
    New York City and Lindenhurst, NY

    "I am a year and a half out of ACL surgery and really excited to run another half marathon."

  • Chelsea Murray and Paula Rubino

    Chelsea Murray and Paula Rubino
    Islip and Islip Terrace, NY

    "We are cousins who’ve always had a passion for running and living an active lifestyle. As former triathlon participants, we've decided to further our competitive edge by signing up for our first half marathon last October. We instantly got hooked and are very excited to be running our second half marathon on our home turf and representing the Town of Islip. Perhaps we will complete a full marathon in the future, but for now, we’re just half crazy."

  • Jess O’Sullivan

    Jess O’Sullivan
    Bay Shore, NY

    "I have lived in Bay Shore my entire life, and so when I found out that we are going to have our own marathon here in Suffolk County just miles from where I live, I knew that I had to run it. Last November, I ran my first marathon in New York City, and it was such a hugely overwhelming and amazing experience. I am looking forward to running the first ever Suffolk County Marathon as my second ever marathon!"

  • Tom Ronayne

    Tom Ronayne
    Greenlawn, NY

    "The marathon will raise funds for our deserving Suffolk County veterans. As a veteran and as director of the county’s Veterans Services Agency, I look forward to contributing through participation in this great event."

  • Jill Hamill

    Jill Hamill
    Patchogue, NY

    "I am running the half marathon to celebrate the life of my father. I want to raise awareness for Ampullary Cancer and prove to myself that I am capable of anything I set my mind to. I know I will have a special guardian angel pushing me to succeed the day of the race."

  • Robert Hines

    Robert Hines
    Patchogue, NY

    "As a family man with a demanding full-time job, I know all too well how easily exercise can be ignored or put off for ‘more important things.’ This past year my wife and I have made a renewed effort to exercise more so we can be there for our two sons. Running has been my passage to better health and hopefully longevity."

  • Theo Kountotsis

    Theo Kountotsis
    Melville, NY

    "I feel that as a society we don't do enough for our veterans who have given so much for us. It would be an honor to run this event to raise funds, as well as to show our appreciation and gratitude for our veterans. I hope this small contribution can go a long way. Our veterans need to know that we do care about them!"

  • Karen Morgan

    Karen Morgan
    Sayville, NY

    "I love the feeling of accomplishment you get when you cross the finish line. I'm also very excited my husband will be running with me. I can't think of a better way to let our Veterans, Military Heroes and Wounded Warriors know they are not forgotten and they matter to us."

  • Alessandra Sorrento

    Alessandra Sorrento
    New York City, NY

    "As a social worker at the Cinema School in the Bronx, I saw my students fight so hard to overcome obstacles that, to me, seemed impossible to face. I was inspired by their bravery, and wanted to do something that challenged me physically and mentally, because I saw how my students grew in the face of these obstacles. "

  • Peter Selgrad

    Peter Selgrad
    Middle Island, NY

    "Since I needed some sort of goal to shoot for, and I have been away from running for some time, I thought this an excellent event with a lead time long enough to train. I felt great when I used to run and I want that adrenaline rush back. I have two young kids I need to stay healthy for and I want to live another hundred years or so."

  • Rich Sallustro

    Rich Sallustro
    Bayport, NY

    "I’m very excited to be part of the inaugural Suffolk County Marathon, especially in order to support our veterans."

  • Kelley Scully

    Kelley Scully
    Cold Spring Harbor, NY

    "This is my first half marathon! I’m really excited!"

  • Syed Habeeb Badsha

    Syed Habeeb Badsha
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    "I’m running mainly because it supports the veterans and yes, it will also qualify me for Boston 2016 if I perform well."

  • Jackie Leary

    Jackie Leary
    Bayport, NY

    "Running is a relatively new part of my life but it has been nothing short of amazing so far. Sometimes it might be challenging but running for all of those who can't is what keeps me going. Saving lives one step at a time."

  • Janet Longo

    Janet Longo
    Coram, NY

    "I’m excited that Suffolk County is hosting its first full and half marathon! I’m doing the Suffolk half marathon this year as a training run for the NY marathon in November. It’s great to see so much support from the local running clubs and businesses. I’m confident that this will be a tremendous success!"

  • Natalie Radino

    Natalie Radino
    Blue Point, NY

    "Finishing a marathon is a state of mind that says ‘anything is possible’."

  • Joe Tortora

    Joe Tortora
    Patchogue, NY

    "I turned 30 in January and have a goal of completing the Suffolk Marathon in just under 4 hours. This will take a bunch of work but the course is my training route that I have been doing forever! "Rest when you die" is my motto and something I tell my friends I can do later in life. I'm always on the go and am looking forward to this great event in September. Good Luck to everyone."

  • Marie Travis

    Marie Travis
    Lindenhurst, NY

    "I grew up an overweight asthmatic, who had been told her entire life not to run. I woke up one morning in 2012 with an intense desire to complete a 5K race by the end of the year. I quickly started to enjoy the feeling after a good run, as well as the feeling of overall camaraderie in the running community. Since starting to run, I've also noticed numerous health benefits. Running has become a way for me to clear my head, and it's my time with me, as well as good exercise, and something I never thought I'd enjoy."

  • Russell Snaith

    Russell Snaith
    Hauppauge, NY

    "Running is instinctive for me and connects me with the earth. It clears my head, challenges and never judges. I am running the inaugural Suffolk County Marathon to raise money for Developmental Disabilities Institute of Smithtown, to help them in their mission to help children and adults reach all of the potential they have."

  • Amanda Hall

    Amanda Hall
    Patchogue, NY

    "I am thrilled to be running in the Suffolk County Marathon, a race that will enable me to run through my hometown and be cheered on by the local members of my community. I will be running to raise money for Homes For Our Troops, an organization that builds specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans."

  • Noah Lam

    Noah Lam
    Stony Brook, NY

    "The thought of starting and finishing in Heckscher State Park where I played with my friends when I was younger and running down Main Street is going to be so exciting! Because I am running, I will be giving my kids a gift they can always use."

  • Rohan and Jassette Dawes

    Rohan and Jassette Dawes
    Elmont, NY

    "For Jassette and I, running is not only sport, it is a passion. We started running in 2010, and since then we have completed many races together, including the NYC Marathon 2014, Reggae Marathon in Jamaica and countless others. We like to travel and run for fun. But this one is special because it home on Long Island and it is the first."

  • Jacqueline McGarvey

    Jacqueline McGarvey
    East Hampton, NY

    "Even though I run in shorter races throughout the year, I prefer full marathons. During the summer, I run with my coworkers at Gubbins and the training groups we lead. I've run the Hamptons Marathon three times and loved the fact that it's so community-oriented. I'm excited to run in the first Suffolk County Marathon because it's going to be great to run along the South Shore, and to support local towns here in Suffolk. I'm really interested in exploring the post-race festival afterwards, and eating new foods while I relax with family and friends."

  • Chip Hamilton

    Chip Hamilton
    Ridge, NY

    "I started doing obstacle course races with some friends and ran my first half marathon in 2012 here on Long Island. Just this past September I tore my ACL and had to have reconstructive surgery on it. I didn't realize how much running was a major part of my life till I couldn't do it anymore. My wife is running the Half as well this year and it will be her first long distance race ever. We are super excited to be involved in the first ever Suffolk County Marathon and can't wait to get our kids out there running with us as well."

  • Michael LaForgia

    Michael LaForgia
    Smithtown, NY

    "As a bacterial meningitis survivor and double amputee I feel blessed to take the starting line in every race I run. But to join my friends in completing the first official 1/2 marathon in my home county will be just a sliver short of perfect!"

  • Christina Pinkosh

    Christina Pinkosh
    Shirley, NY

    "I am excited to be a part of the first Suffolk County Marathon! I have completed one full marathon and 7 half-marathons. It's been 6 years since my first full and figured it was time to do another and what better place than in our own county!"

  • Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds

    Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds
    Smithtown, NY

    "As president/CEO of Family and Children's Association, I have responsibility for 350 staff and 30+ programs that serve 20,000 Long Islanders per year. Running keeps me sane; it’s kind of a like a reset button in the midst of a pretty hectic life. It’s a time for me to focus on myself, push my physical and emotional limits and take stock of my life. Training keeps me humble and it has enhanced my discipline, my focus and of course, my overall health."

  • Hiroki Tamura

    Hiroki Tamura
    Jackson Heights, NY

    "I’m running so I can qualify for the Boston Marathon."

  • Joe Werkmeister

    Joe Werkmeister
    Medford, NY

    "I was very excited to hear of a marathon in my own back yard! It's for a great cause and It won't cost me $2,000 in travel expenses."

  • Patti Clifford

    Patti Clifford
    Flanders, NJ

    "I am really excited to run the Suffolk Marathon because I grew up in Sayville and attended Connetquot High School, so I am looking forward to running familiar roads and reminiscing. My brother is also running this race with me and while we have run other marathons together we are determined to stay together for this one and really make a cool memory!"

  • Mark Conca

    Mark Conca
    Massapequa, NY

    "I’m running because I am a Long Islander."

  • Kristen Girardi

    Kristen Girardi
    Farmingville, NY

    "This will be my first full marathon. I am so excited that it is going to be in Suffolk County, and that I will be running it with many of my friends who have been so inspirational to me."

  • Marie Gundersen

    Marie Gundersen
    Astoria, NY

    "I grew up in Islip, and am super excited to be running Suffolk County's inaugural marathon! After traveling all over for races throughout the last several years, it will be great to crash at my parents' house on the eve of the race, and to have all my Long Island family and friends there for support. Not to mention the post-race festival, which sounds like the ultimate reward after completing 26.2!"

  • Lauren Mastrandrea

    Lauren Mastrandrea
    Bayport, NY

    "I am excited to run the Suffolk County Marathon because it is a race that highlights the beauty of our community."

  • Megan Schmidt

    Megan Schmidt
    New York, NY

    "As a Suffolk County native and sister of an incredible Marine, the Suffolk County Marathon will allow me to show hometown pride while supporting our incredible veterans."

  • Rob Festa

    Rob Festa
    Lindenhurst, NY

    "I will be running the inaugural Suffolk Marathon with a team, the Long Island 9/11 Veterans. We are running to raise awareness of PTSD, that our men and women are returning home with from various campaigns."

  • Natale Meritz-Saccente

    Natale Meritz-Saccente
    Copiague, NY

    "The veterans hold a special place in my heart as my grandfather was a veteran. Growing up in my household, donating to the veterans was a must (I still donate!!). All veterans old and young should receive as much support as possible. They are the definition of freedom. I cannot thank them enough."

  • Col. Kevin Hicks

    Col. Kevin Hicks (ret.)
    Coram and Freehold, NY

    "After participating in runs on 4 continents and 6 countries, it’s nice to finally run at 'home'."

  • Lori-Ann Novello

    Lori-Ann Novello
    Lindenhurst, NY

    "My first marathon was in 2007 in Washington DC's Marine Corps Marathon and since then I've run for many causes, Leukemia Lymphoma Society, St. Jude Children's Hospital and just recently in the NYC Half Marathon for I'm looking forward to participating in the first Suffolk Marathon and experiencing our beautiful county on foot!"

  • Peter and Elizabeth Kelly

    Peter and Elizabeth Kelly
    St. James, NY

    "Elizabeth and I are looking forward to being part of the 2015 Inaugural Suffolk County Marathon. Good luck, everyone."

  • Robert Wohler

    Robert Wohler
    O’Fallon, MO

    "When I came home from Vietnam to my wife in St. Louis, in 1970, there was no ceremony. Over 46 years we raised four great kids. My daughter, Juliane, is tending to her three beautiful girls in Islip with her husband, Kevin Ford. Every year we do the Owl Prowl there and I’m referred to as that Wolverine guy. I’m looking forward to Suffolk Half Marathon along Heckscher trails."

  • Kevin and Emily Butler

    Kevin and Emily Butler
    Bay Shore, NY

    "A healthy lifestyle is important to us as a couple. We are looking forward to training this summer and running our first big race together as a newly married couple."

  • Dionne DeGourville

    Dionne DeGourville
    Hempstead, NY

    "Since 2012 I have run more than 10 full marathons (locally and overseas), countless half marathons and last year completed a full Ironman by way of Ironman Mont-Tremblant. The only reason I am not doing the Suffolk County full Marathon this year is because I am doing another Ironman in October. I also choose to participate in the Suffolk County Half Marathon because I want to experience the beauty of the island and mingle with local runners."

  • Cristina Andrews

    Cristina Andrews
    Smithtown, NY

    "I am running my first marathon so that I can show my kids that hard work pays off, that desire can overcome lack of talent, and if you have something on your bucket list, to cross it off. One of my favorite high school memories is sprinting around the track with a friend. I still remember that as the moment I realized there's no greater feeling than to feel your feet fly as you leave everything else aside, besides the feeling of being so alive."

  • Danielle Baldwin

    Danielle Baldwin
    Patchogue, NY

    "I decided to make my first full marathon the Suffolk County marathon because I know that the funds raised will go directly to supporting the veterans in my local community."

  • Alison Conroy

    Alison Conroy
    Sayville, NY

    "I love running on the south shore of Long Island, as the Great South Bay provides a beautiful and refreshing place to run. This is my first half marathon and I hope there are many more in my future. Thank you for sponsoring this race."

  • Carly Beyar

    Carly Beyar
    Rockville Centre, NY

    "Ever since I graduated college and retired from playing soccer, I needed something to work towards because being a competitive athlete will never leave me. I am running the half marathon because it is something that will push me to become fitter as well as accomplished when checking it off my bucket list."

  • Jennifer Capra

    Jennifer Capra
    Coram, NY

    "This past December my mom had a stroke and came to live with me and my family. I have been busy helping her get back on her feet and I haven't taken time to do what I love, RUN. I want to complete this half marathon to get myself healthy and whole again and to "honor my mom's strength to recover from her stroke and to honor all other people who are managing their disability with bravery."

  • John Zaia

    John Zaia
    Massapequa Park, NY

    "In 2009 I decided to choose a healthier lifestyle and lost over 75 pounds. In my quest, I began running and have been an avid runner since. I have run 5 half marathons and am training for the NYC marathon in November. I plan to use Suffolk as my fall training springboard. I am not fast but I do finish!"

  • Sally Dorovich

    Sally Dorovich
    Sayville, NY

    "Like many others, I have chosen the Suffolk County Marathon to be my very first marathon because it's exciting to have the opportunity to run through my hometown of Sayville. I only started running regularly about two years ago shortly after becoming vegan. I love being an example of how veganism, when done carefully and properly, can allow one to not only be healthy, but to thrive as well. I've never felt better and I'm very much looking forward to running this race in September!"

  • Pam Liebowitz

    Pam Liebowitz
    Hewlett, NY

    "I am very excited to be running my first full marathon at the Suffolk County Marathon. I have completed one half-marathon last September in Brooklyn and also ran a 5k in October 2014. I signed up for the Suffolk County Marathon because I wanted to challenge myself and to experience what the ‘full’ 26.2 feels like."

  • Vanessa Pino Lockel

    Vanessa Pino Lockel
    Miller Place, NY

    "Running has become such an integral part of my life. The original intention was to run around neighborhoods that I work in and to do some cardio exercise outside of my normal routine. However, it became so much more than that. I feel like my body is a machine and running allows me to see its full potential. So when the first Suffolk County marathon was set by County Executive Bellone for later this year, I could not resist. I’m so excited to run my County!"

  • Kirk Ng

    Kirk Ng
    Herricks, NY

    "I did my first marathon last year, 3 weeks shy of my 48th birthday. It was the toughest thing I had ever done. I almost didn't finish due to dehydration, but dug deep and earned my medal. Now I'm hooked and looking forward to the inaugural Suffolk County Marathon."

  • Maura Carroll

    Maura Carroll
    Islip, NY

    "I am thrilled that Suffolk is finally getting some recognition by hosting its own marathon. What could be better than to roll out of bed and go run a marathon in your own backyard?"

  • Nadine Moors

    Nadine Moors
    Sayville, NY

    "I am running this race to see if I can set another personal record a year after giving birth to my second daughter. My last personal record was a year after having my first daughter who will be 4 in July.
    It will also be very convenient for my family to come and cheer me on and there is nothing more that motivates me then seeing them on the race course and at the finish."

  • Mark Cudak

    Mark Cudak
    Jupiter, FL

    "I'm running this race for my dad, who will be turning 73 on race day. Also, the course goes through Bayport, so I'm looking forward to running through my hometown as well."

  • Danielle Simone

    Danielle Simone
    Levittown, NY

    "I chose this race for a multitude of reasons. It starts and ends in Heckscher state park where I worked for many summers as a teen. The course runs through my hometown of Sayville and all of the south shore towns I grew up frequenting. It's an inaugural race, who doesn't want to be a part of Long Island history?"

  • Dan Verderosa

    Dan Verderosa
    Ronkonkoma, NY

    "From the time first started running, I always wanted to be faster than George W. Bush, but since I will probably never find myself in a foot race with Dubya, I'll settle for besting a local government official in this marathon. See you at the finish line, Steve Bellone."

  • Michelle Waller

    Michelle Waller
    Patchogue, NY

    "I started running a few years after my daughter was born. She was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect in utero. She has taught me not to take my health for granted. I know I am blessed with a healthy heart and lungs and I give thanks for that every day. I want to set an example for both my children."

  • Jamie Flood

    Jamie Flood
    East Islip, NY

    "As a former collegiate athlete, I have decided to sign up for the Suffolk County Inaugural Half Marathon as an opportunity to be competitive again. Being an athlete came with "built-in" goals already, whether that be to win your next game, fine-tune a skill or beat your own personal best time. That's what I miss most about athletics. Post-college I am finding what drives me to compete again and seeking out the camaraderie that athletics has always given me."

  • Ann Marie Hassett

    Ann Marie Hassett
    Coram, NY

    "I have been running for 9 years. Have run numerous races including 8 half marathons, two duathalons and one tri. I love Suffolk County and can't wait to make history running in the first Suffolk County half marathon."

  • Aileen Iorio

    Aileen Iorio
    Bayport, NY

    "I am excited to run in the Suffolk Marathon because it will be an opportunity to share my passion for running with those in my community and achieve a major life-goal of mine in my own backyard. Also, training for the marathon while studying for the July bar exam will be a perfect study break."

  • Bobby Bonett

    Bobby Bonett
    Massapequa, NY

    "I hate running races, but I love finishing races. (I can't remember a race that, at some point, I didn't angrily tell myself, ‘This is the last one!’) And I imagine the feeling you get when you finish a marathon is one of the pinnacles of athletic achievement. Plus, it's another race I get to run with my dad, and it's his first full marathon too. Marking this milestone on the same day will be very special."

  • Veronica Morabito-Weeks

    Veronica Morabito-Weeks
    Brightwaters, NY

    "I am running my first full marathon to challenge myself."

  • Jillanne Johnson

    Jillanne Johnson
    Cutchogue, NY

    "It is really exciting that Suffolk County is having its inaugural marathon. It is my inaugural marathon too, so I am hoping to be able to finish it!"

  • Allison Waka

    Allison Waka
    Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

    "I am running the first Suffolk county half marathon to be a part of a new race and hopefully tradition in the Long Island running community, for the pure joy of running, and to see who has ‘the most guts’."

  • Annmarie Vollaro

    Annmarie Vollaro
    Bay Shore, NY

    "To say that I was one of the ‘first’ on the very first Suffolk County race."

  • Edward Petry

    Edward Petry
    Port Jefferson, NY

    "It’s the first marathon in Suffolk...I have to do it. I windsurf in Heckscher. Why not run, too? A marathon is a life experience."

  • Miriam Fein

    Miriam Fein
    Plainview, NY

    "I'm a single mom to three awesome kids, and finishing up my doctorate this year in Cancer Biology (with a focus on breast cancer). And I run. Mostly, it's to maintain my sanity, but I'm not so sure it's working."

  • Seth Blau

    Seth Blau
    Oceanside, NY

    "I am thrilled to be signed up for the first ever Suffolk Marathon. I have completed one marathon and about 8 half-marathons. I signed up for the Suffolk County Marathon because I'm always up for a new challenge and excited to support Long Island with its new marathon designed to go through downtown villages and along the water."

  • Rhonda Cutter

    Rhonda Cutter
    East Patchogue, NY

    "I am running my 2nd half marathon for a few reasons ! I am a retired NYPD detective and 9/11 first responder. I have been an on and off runner. I ran my first half marathon 9/2013 because I lost my older sister to cancer in 9/2009. Last January 29, 2014, I lost my Dad too. I injured myself running last summer and hope to be 100 percent to run this second half marathon because it makes me feel alive for all those that aren't and all those who can't run!! I just want to be able to cross the finish line!"

  • Tim Sini

    Tim Sini
    Babylon, NY

    "I am looking forward to running in Suffolk County’s inaugural marathon, even if I’m only running half of it . I am very excited about this event – it’s great for Suffolk County, and it’s a great way to show your support for our amazing veterans. On that note, I am proud to be running in the event in support of Project9Line, a terrific veterans organization. Project9Line is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans, particularly those returning from combat, through the arts."

  • Matt Ellwood

    Matt Ellwood
    Holtsville, NY

    "I'm an ultra marathoner but love local races. My website is and I do fundraising for breast cancer and I might use this race as a finish line this year. I have not decided how far I will be running this year, most likely over 120 miles."

  • Zack Browning

    Zack Browning
    East Islip, NY

    "I’m running the Suffolk County Marathon because it seems like the race directors made it just for me - I live less than a half-mile from Heckscher State Park, and Patchogue is the home of my favorite bar and hangout spot. It’s going to be wonderful to see all of the towns along the South Shore, and I get to walk home afterwards. Perfect."

  • Vincent Mannelli

    Vincent Mannelli
    Coram, NY

    "I am running the Suffolk Marathon because it is the perfect time of year to train and run. It will be great to run in familiar territory; the course is actually part of my training route and the turnaround is in my hometown."

  • Michele Rizzo-Berg

    Michele Rizzo-Berg
    Bellport, NY

    "I’m running the Suffolk Marathon because being 1/2 crazy isn't good enough. I had to go for the FULL!"

  • Victoria Gianninoto

    Victoria Gianninoto
    Holtsville, NY

    "I'm running the Suffolk marathon because it's always a great opportunity to be able to run local races and the marathon is a great distance to be able to experience the beautiful routes that Suffolk has to offer. I will also be raising money for The Matt Bell Jr Foundation, a local charity that helps families who have children with heart conditions."

  • Dr. Michele Reed

    Dr. Michele Reed
    West Hempstead, NY

    "Growing up, I ran track from elementary school until I graduated from Malverne High School. After college, I would run for pleasure and two years ago I joined the team Black Girls Run (BGR) and started running in races. This year I qualified to run 2015 NYC Marathon which will be my first marathon. I run to be the example not only for my family but for my patients as well. Last year, I registered over 200 patients and staff to do the JFK Rotary Run the Runway 5k."

  • Melissa Pandolf

    Melissa Pandolf
    Patchogue, NY

    "I run because I can. Whether I am running a race for a cancer charity in honor of my best friend Natalie, also an Air Force veteran that lost her battle with cancer at the age of 37, or running a race for any other cause, I have the ability to use my legs now, and I will not take that for granted. I may not be the fastest runner, but I find my happy pace and always finish standing on my own two feet. I run for those that cannot."

  • Nick and Joe DiGaetano

    Nick and Joe DiGaetano
    Lindenhurst, NY

    "We are doing the Suffolk County marathon not only because Suffolk County is our home but also helping our troops who keep us safe."

  • Philip Echevarrio

    Philip Echevarrio
    Great River, NY

    "I’m running my first half marathon to support veterans like myself and for the value of fitness."

  • Steve Eisner

    Steve Eisner
    Sayville, NY

    "The reason I am running the Suffolk County marathon is about pride in my county and hometown. As a 20+ year resident of Sayville, the race will be passing through my town and weekly training route. I am also very excited to be there for the first marathon in Suffolk County and hopefully every year going forward. I can't wait."

  • Andrea Restifo

    Andrea Restifo
    Atlanta, GA

    "My mother-in-law (Kitty Graziano) told me about it – it’s basically in her ‘hood. She saw me cross the finish line in the NY Marathon several years back and is excited to experience another race! I’m excited to join you guys and be surrounded by family cheering me on!!"

  • Patricia Farrell

    Patricia Farrell
    Long Beach, NY

    "I’m running this marathon for wounded warriors and to support and honor all veterans. ‘The greatest casualty of war is being forgotten’."

  • Loraine Richardson McCray

    Loraine Richardson McCray
    East Patchogue, NY

    "I became interested in walking and jogging by joining Black Girls Run. I was mainly interested in losing weight, but through my time with these remarkable women I have learned to pursue a healthier lifestyle. It's more than just losing weight (I have lost over 30 pounds), but it's all about living life and loving the skin I'm in and developing a positive attitude about my life."

  • Heather Dlhopolsky

    Heather Dlhopolsky
    North Bethesda, MD

    "I’ve run in about 7 previous marathons, but have never run one on Long Island. I can’t wait to run one in my home County where my family, who lives near a number of the South Shore towns we’ll be running through, can watch and cheer me on!"

  • Torsten Gross

    Torsten Gross
    New York City, NY

    "Doing 12 races in 12 months is a personal goal I have set for myself for no reason other than a challenge of joy. Beyond that, I am raising money for Team Achilles."

  • Giselle Gerardi

    Giselle Gerardi
    Commack, NY

    "I love running because although it can be an individual activity, that group energy is what drives me through the race. I am also addicted to that sensation you get when crossing the finish line. I use the course to distract me from the obstacles of the race and it will be so great to draw my inspiration from the familiar terrain that I call home as well as the cheers from neighbors, friends and family."

  • Megan Long

    Megan Long
    Huntington, NY

    "It has been a life goal to run a marathon. When I found out there was going to be a Suffolk County Marathon, I knew it was a sign that I was supposed to run my first marathon in MY county."

  • Iris Greco

    Iris Greco
    North Babylon, NY

    "I run because I love the challenge, the sense of community and especially because I am able. This year I am running in honor of my friend Terri who has been battling breast cancer. She inspires me!"

  • Doug Quiery

    Doug Quiery
    Manorville, NY

    "When I heard about the Suffolk County Marathon, I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to be a part of something local that would be great for my community."

  • Kyle Rose-Louder

    Kyle Rose-Louder
    Freeport, NY

    "I love the feeling of accomplishment I get from running. And I get to eat what I want after the race without feeling guilty. I'm running the Suffolk Marathon because there's no way that much fun will be going on in my backyard and I'm not enjoying it too. It's a happening!"

  • Mark Williamson

    Mark Williamson
    Holtsville, NY

    "I love the challenge."

  • Sarah Peterec

    Sarah Peterec
    Lewisburg, PA

    "A few years ago I decided to run all 50 states. Currently I have 11 and this will be my 12th state. I decided to do this one for 2 reasons. 1) I need to get New York off my list and 2) my uncle lives there and wanted me to do it. I'm very excited."

  • Jen and Joe Mammina

    Jen and Joe Mammina
    Wading River, NY

    "We run because we can."

  • Kieran Gibbons

    Kieran Gibbons
    Northport, NY

    "As a native Long Islander I feel blessed to live on this island and share the road with some great people and i can think of no better way to celebrate our towns than with a marathon."

  • Cindy Baldwin

    Cindy Baldwin
    Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

    "I’m running the Suffolk marathon as it's the next step."

  • Shari Diaz

    Shari Diaz
    Hempstead, NY

    "As beautiful and scenic as LI is, it's refreshing to be able to run races in your own backyard. Nothing beats running a great race and not having to cross a bridge or tunnel to do so! And hopefully races like this will become more popular and happen more frequently so that city runners will want to flock to LI to see what we have to offer for those who love the sport of running."

  • Bill Faulk

    Bill Faulk
    Manorville, NY

    "I chose to run the Suffolk Marathon as my first marathon to show support for our community: I shop local, eat local, drink local, and, well, run local."

  • Alexandra Erickson

    Alexandra Erickson
    Selden, NY

    "I only started running consistently in April 2014 as part of a major lifestyle change to become healthy. I could barely even run for 30 seconds. This half marathon is motivation to keep going, and to accomplish something I never thought I would be able to do (let alone WANT to do!)."

  • Nash Birnholz

    Nash Birnholz
    West Islip, NY

    "I wanted to be a part of the start of something that is going to be a piece of what Suffolk is."

  • Susan Critz

    Susan Critz
    Islip, NY

    "There are so many reasons...but mainly because it's benefiting veterans."

  • Erin Henderson

    Erin Henderson

    "I am a competitive marathoner who grew up on Long Island and now am living in Wyoming. My husband and I have 12 kids. My parents live in Bayport and so of course I have to come and run on my ‘home’ course. I look forward to coming in September!"

  • Thomas Tatarian

    Thomas Tatarian
    Shoreham, NY

    "After some very serious health issues over the last year and a half, I started running in the hopes of having a healthier life. I was inspired by our County Executive, who took up running and lost so much weight."

  • Sophia Ward

    Sophia Ward
    Brooklyn, NY

    "The description of the route sounds great for a marathon newbie, my family and friends can cheer me on and be entertained while I run, and supporting veterans is important."

  • Debbi Hole

    Debbi Hole
    Islip Terrace, NY

    "I have been given the gift of life. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. After multiple surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy, I was looking for a way to remain cancer free. Cancer tried to take my life and not only did it fail, it was the catalyst to a stronger and healthier me. If the cancer returns, my body is fit and ready for the fight. When I cross the finish line at the Suffolk Marathon, it will be my way of telling breast cancer, ‘Take that, I am back and better than ever’!’"

  • Chris Mozer

    Chris Mozer
    Huntington Station, NY

    "I couldn't let an inaugural racing event happen in ‘my house’ without me!! Finally a marathon that I don't have to travel miles to get to. It's a dream come true!"

  • Rogerio Justino

    Rogerio Justino
    Williston Park, NY

    "I am proudly participating in history in the making, as I run Suffolk County's First Official Full/Half Marathon Event!"

  • Carol Rivadeneyra

    Carol Rivadeneyra
    Ridge, NY

    "Finally!! Suffolk County's First authentic Marathon. Let's invite runners from everywhere; the next best destination run...look what we have to show you from your running friends on Long Island."

  • Tom Tully

    Tom Tully
    Port Jefferson, NY

    "It’s going to be great to run a marathon in my own backyard. I’m hoping that my daughter will join me!"

  • Pete Hawkins

    Pete Hawkins
    Malverne, NY

    "It’s going to be a great event, I’ve been very lucky over the years; you just don’t know, you have no idea who’s watching you. People have come up to me and said how I’ve inspired them. That’s cool when that happens, they say, 'I'm doing it because of you'."

  • Caitlin Meuser

    Caitlin Meuser
    Huntington, NY

    "I am proud to be a Suffolk County resident, and what could be more motivating than running past Suffolk’s beautiful waterfronts and parks? I’m excited to share my passion for health and fitness with fellow Long Islanders. Completing a half marathon is a personal goal of mine for 2015, and I am looking forward to doing it right here at home."

  • Terence McCormick

    Terence McCormick
    Lindenhurst, NY

    "I’m looking forward to setting a personal record in the newest fall marathon to be included in the bucket list/ must run list of races."

  • Rose Fava

    Rose Fava
    Patchogue, NY

    "As a Long Island native (born and raised!) I couldn't think of a better place to run my first marathon. It's a complete bonus that I'll be running through my hometown of Patchogue!"

  • Michelle Labuski

    Michelle Labuski
    Sound Beach, NY

    "I am running Suffolk Marathon because it seems like the perfect marathon to be my first - and probably only - marathon. I wanted to run Suffolk marathon because it is local and scenic to help pass the time. It also allows spectators along the whole course to keep me going. I am running the Suffolk Marathon so my daughter can see anything is possible."

  • Jen Ghaly

    Jen Ghaly
    Massapequa Park, NY

    "I am excited to be part of the inaugural year. I’ve lived in Massapequa Park my whole life and have a profound love of the south shore. One of my favorite races is the Great South Bay 1/2. Love the scenery!"

  • Rich Vander Putten

    Rich Vander Putten
    Oakdale, NY

    "I am running the 1/2 marathon because it is going through my neighborhood and I wanted to be a part of it. I have never run that far and thought it would be a great goal for the summer.

  • Staff Sgt. Joshua Gravett

    Staff Sgt. Joshua Gravett
    Selden, NY

    "I’m running to complete a fitness goal for myself."

  • Joi Jackson-Perle

    Joi Jackson-Perle
    Wainscott, NY

    "I am running the Suffolk Marathon in honor of Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter from Sag Harbor, who was killed in action in Iraq in 2008. I have run the Marine Corps Marathon twice for Team Jordan and I am very much looking forward to letting Jordan tell his story through me and my running at the Suffolk Marathon."

  • Jeff Bloch

    Jeff Bloch
    Sayville, NY

    "I have young children and want to set an example for them regarding hard work and setting goals. Since the race is in September, it gives me time to train in the warm weather. Also, my girlfriend asked me to go dress shopping that day... I figured a full marathon would be easier."

  • Johnny Salazar

    Johnny Salazar
    Oakdale, NY

    "I’m running the Suffolk County marathon to celebrate my 36th birthday that day and 4 1/2 years sober!"

  • Sabino Curcio

    Sabino Curcio
    Huntington Station, NY

    "The running community on Long Island is incredible and having the ability to run throughout such beautiful areas of the Island, like Heckscher Park, is tremendous. It is also very exciting to be a part of the inaugural race, which I know will become an annual tradition and an incredible event."

  • Mary Bohenek

    Mary Bohenek
    St. James, NY

    "To be able to participate in a race that links running to a location that's a landmark in my life, I couldn't turn it down. Plus, my Mom and my younger brothers will hopefully be out there to root me on!"

  • Richard Gross

    Richard Gross
    Sayville, NY

    "To be able to run through so many beautiful South Shore communities while knowing that all the money being raised is going directly to our veterans is not only a privilege, but an honor."

  • Michael McLaughlin

    Michael McLaughlin
    Massapequa Park, NY

    "I'm running Suffolk because it’s the first of its kind and I want to be part of something great."